Boko Haram Scare – Lagos Bans Roadside Vehicle Dealers

There have been several threats and rumors that the Boko Haram sect had vowed to unleash mayhem in Lagos, especially the alleged threat to bomb the Third Mainland Bridge.

Following these threats, the Lagos State Government has sent letters to all auto dealers plying their trade by the roadside to quit because of security threat and also to enforce the laws of the state to the letter.

Report says the state government is not leaving anything to chance to ensure that the bombing by Boko Haram sect was not allowed to take place in the state. The state government is ready to send auto dealers packing from the roadside and also to ensure sanity in the state.

The Commissioner for Transportation, Mr. Kayode Opeifa, while inaugurating the Park Monitoring, Abandoned and Disused Vehicle Committees at the weekend, also directed all mechanics and technicians operating on the streets and under the bridges across the State to move to any of the mechanic village in the State with immediate effect. He said the bridges were not designed for such purpose and that violators would be brought to book and punished according to the laws of the state.

The commissioner also ordered auto technicians who display their vehicles on the roads, medians, kerbs, road setbacks and walkways to desist from this unconstitutional act as the Abandoned and Disused Vehicle Committee had been mandated to remove any vehicle found to be abandoned, disused, constituting nuisance on the roads, violating the physical or Environmental Sanitation Law, those parked at any place where they were not expected to be parked or those without number plates.

Report also says that other cities where the group believes successful suicide bombings would create the required national damage and panic are also targeted. The cities include: Port Harcourt, Kano, Kaduna and Anambra states.

  1. unizik Reply

    The way I see this boko haram issue, it has gone far. And the bombing of the un is just a begining of terro. Now universities are now next. The president should do more. We are no longer secured at all. Nigeria is turning into Iraq or Afganistian and is not good at all. The federal government should brace up and tackle the proble squarely. Recently, its now Nigerian universities. For solid development and financial stability, we need security.

  2. tunde Reply

    It is only divine intervention dat can help us with dis case of boko ha ram

    • Lucilla Reply

      I share your views on this. Politicians shloud not make one law for themselves and another for the masses.

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