Libya: Rebels Still Killing African Migrants

African migrants have suffered increasing abuse and even death in Lybia. They are sometimes accused of being mercenaries fighting alongside pro-Gaddafi forces against rebels who toppled him. The rebels kill any black man they see and often assault the women.

Libyan fighters arrest a man from Nigeria, who they allege is a Gadhafi loyalist, as they take control of Moammar Gadhafi loyalists villages in the desert some 730 km south of Tripoli, at Mahruga, 50 km north of the southern city of Sebbah, Libya, Saturday.

All the black men & their family are trapped indoors, they can’t even risk trying to cross the border to return home or even going to look for food.

The victims include Nigerians, black Libyans and other citizens of sub-Saharan African.

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