Lybia: Events In Libya A ‘Charade’ – Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi has said on Tuesday that events unfolding in Libya is a “charade.” He said this while speaking in an audio message broadcast on Syria-based Arrai television.

“What is happening in Libya is a charade which can only take place thanks to the (Nato-led) air raids, which will not last forever,” said Gaddafi in his audio message.

He added, “Do not rejoice and don’t believe that one regime has been overthrown and another imposed with the help of air and maritime strikes.”

This is his first audio recording since he denied crossing into Niger on September 08, though he regularly delivers messages via Arrai through his spokesperson Mussa Ibrahim.

Still, even if Gaddafi insists he is still in Tripoli, the hunt for him is covering the entire country. The city of Sirte, the last bastion of regime loyalists and the fugitive leader’s hometown, is seen as a temporary hideout option for Gaddafi.

  1. Dav Reply

    Gadafi is just making mouth in his hiden place, his regime has already fell.

  2. Falusi christy feyi Reply

    Gaddafi should just hold his peace simply b’cos the staf of authority has been withdrawn from him.

  3. paul johnson Reply

    Ghaddafi should know that his end as boss of libya has come.He should please stop killing innocent people by deceit.All should join hands to rebuild libya.What he is doing now is exhibition of desperation nd itv is a shame that after 42years in power he is not prepared to quit.Libya certainly has very many able people to run thye country. Thank you……..

  4. EYAM ODEY Reply

    @Dav you are correct… what we read here is mere talk… There ain’t no aces up Gaddafi’s sleeve…

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