Terrorism: Jonathan Calls On Global Forces To Unite In Fighting Terrorism

President Goodluck Jonathan Wednesday called on world leaders to unite in the global war against terrorism, so as to ensure a peaceful world in the future.

Addressing the UN General Assembly at the 66th session of the United Nations General Assembly, UNGA, in New York, United States, President Goodluck Jonathan said, “As the United States and the rest of the world commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we are reminded of the international dimension of terrorism and the imperative of a concerted global response to combat this scourge.”

Jonathan said, “For us in Nigeria, terrorist acts, rather than intimidate, will only help to strengthen our resolve to develop appropriate national strategies and collaborate even more closely with the international community in the fight against this menace. As part of Nigeria’s efforts to fight terrorism, I signed into law the Terrorism (Prevention) Bill 2011 and the Anti-Money Laundering (Prohibition) Amendment Act on the 3rd of June this year. The new laws not only outlined measures for the prevention and combating of acts of terrorism, but also prohibit the financing of terrorism and laundering of the proceeds of crime. Nigeria will continue to work with the UN and other partners in this global fight.”

“To this end, Nigeria is working closely with the United Nations Counter Terrorism Implementation Task Force, CTITF, the Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate, CTED, as well as relevant international bodies and friendly countries to sharpen our response mechanisms. In this connection, the UN Counter Terrorism Implementation Task force is launching its first project in Abuja in November 2011, aimed at conflict prevention and countering the appeal of terrorism to youth through education and dialogue. In addition, Nigeria is a member of the new global body, the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum, GCTF, initiated to galvanize and pull our efforts together to fight the scourge in all its ramifications. We pledge to continue to work with all stakeholders, as we enlarge and intensify our partnerships.”

Identifying with the theme of this year’s debate, which is ‘engaging the role of mediation in the peaceful resolution of conflicts in the world’, Jonathan said, “You will recall that Nigeria has been in the fore front of the campaign to promote this theme when, as the President of the Security Council in July 2010, my country adopted the use of Preventive Diplomacy to resolve armed conflicts across the world. This theme is apt and could not have come at a better time when armed conflicts are increasingly taking a greater part of the time and resources of the United Nations.”

He added, “For too long, the international community has focused too little attention on mediation and preventive diplomacy and far too much effort and resources on military aspects of peace and security. Yet, measures to address the root cause of conflict, including dialogue and mediation, can be far more effective as means to achieving sustainable peace and stability.”

Speaking to The President of the United Nations General Assembly, Jonathan said, “I would like to urge the Council to continue its important work in the maintenance of international peace and security. In spite of the Council’s many successes, it is our belief that this important organ will benefit from the vigor and fresh perspectives which only a revamped Council that accommodated changing global political realities can provide. Mr. President, I urge you to set up clear criteria for the reform of the UN Security Council in line with the demand of the majority of the World. A reformed UN Security Council is the only way to demonstrate that all nations have equal stake in the UN. Nigeria looks forward to the prospect of membership in a reformed UN Security Council.”

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