8 Nigerian Students Arrested Over Sex Trade In Philippines

Eight Nigerian students who allegedly hired Filipina minors as prostitutes have been arrested Wednesday night by the Police.

Six Filipina minors were rescued from the Manila Manor Hotel in Malate, when the National Police’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Group raided the area.

The Nigerian nationals are identified as Lucky Nelson, 24; Dumalo Gbue, 25; Yerebbari Neemana, 29; Owki Baknanawe, 29; Sundah Korobriowei Mathew, 29; Gabriel Tekena, 28; Worlo Enyi, 25; Mark Jack, 24.

Director Samuel Pagdilao, head of the Philippine National Police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, CIDG, said the arrest of the eight foreigners stemmed from an emailed complaint sent Wednesday to the website of the CIDG’s Project Angel Net by a certain Cecilia Salvador who claimed that her 14-year old daughter and five other minors were being sold to the suspects for sexual services at the Manila Manor Hotel. She sought the CIDG’s assistance for the rescue of her daughter.

Salvador personally appeared at the CIDG headquarters and accompanied agents in the operation at the Manila Manor Hotel.

CIDG operatives launched their operation Wednesday night by staking out the suspects near the hotel while they were negotiating with the victims with a handler identified as Emma Cruz of Mabini Avenue for P1,500 each.

Pagdilao said Salvador immediately recognized one of the victims being paired with one of the suspects as her 14-year old daughter prompting the lawmen to make the arrests. Cruz managed to escape arrest and is still being hunted.

Charges for violation of the Anti-violence Against Women and Children Law and the Anti-human Trafficking in Person Law are being prepared against the suspects, he added.

Philippine women are vulnerable to trafficking due to the Asian economic crisis.



  2. EYAM ODEY Reply

    what shall men not do cos of The love of money… God help us all.

  3. Nigeria News24 Reply

    It is sad but further investigation is needed to fully confirm the identity of them

  4. Mustapha lawal Reply

    Wow Nigerians ? what is going on please. Cn we just leave our Rods alone for a moment. Waste money ! waste dignity ! waste human life ! waste energy ! waste our country image just for a one night stand. Come on get married

  5. Muhammad Salis Mu'azu Reply

    Mallam Mustapha are you advicing them to marry? after all they are considering themselves as young men no time for marriage. They are even considering you that married at young age as a fool. It is important to do what is strategically right than what is immediate profitable. something most of us does not want to know and believe. Lets than God for giving us the believe we find ourselves. After all it is not their sweat that was used to sponsor them.

    • Nick Emeye Reply

      American ambassador to d Phillipines told d world that 80% of tourist in Manila come for commercial sex. He was forced to apologise just last week. When its Nija issue,we blow it unnecesarilly out of proportion. Our elders hv done far worse n heavens did not fall. That is not to say they were right. Anyone who has not sinned let him b d first to cast d stone. Nick.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    When you see a setup.. you can tell

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Blaming the Asian economic crisis? How about blaming the political leadership? When Marcos became President, one dollar got you four pesos. When he left, one dollar got you twenty pesos! Who stole the children’s future?

  8. Anonymous Reply

    They ar right

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