Buganda Kingdom: Dowry Linked To Increase In HIV

A research found that payment of dowry has been linked to the increase in HIV infections among married couples in Buganda, a kingdom in Uganda. The research was reported by the Buganda kingdom HIV/AIDS coordinator. It covered Butambala, Singo, Kooki, Kyadondo and several other counties.

“Men marry more than one wife knowing that the first one was bought and cannot go back to her parents,” said Deogratius Kiggundu, the buganda kingdom HIV/AIDS coordinator at a dissemination workshop at Pope Paul Memorial Center in Kampala. He observed that men mistreat and infect their wives with HIV because they paid expensive dowry.

He said the manner in which dowry is demanded and paid today accelerates the rate of HIV infection among couples. “In some cultures, once dowry is paid, a partner cannot ask for divorce even when the man misbehaves,” he added.

He called for a review of some cultural practices and asked couples to be faithful to each other as a measure in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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