Kenya: Anti-terror Police Arrested Three Undercover Britons

Anti-terrorism police in Kenya have arrested three undercover British men on Thursday.

The arrested men are Nick Cryne, 30, Niall Young, 34, and Ben Hope, 27.

Police said the arrests came after officers spent 24 hours monitoring their movements.

Head of Kenya’s Coast Province force, Ambrose Munyasia, said that the three had claimed to be tourists but were spotted “acting suspiciously”.

According to him: “We trailed them for a day after suspecting their movement. Though they told us they are tourists, some of their actions have given us cause to believe that they are not.

The Foreign Office confirmed the arrests and added: “We are providing consular assistance.”

Intelligere, a firm which offers corporate investigation services, said the group formed a three-man team and had been tasked with tracking two executives alleged to have been swapping company secrets.

Mombassa was hit by terrorists in 2002. The terrorists plotted an attack on an Israeli-owned hotel and a plane. Fifteen people died when a huge bomb exploded at the Paradise Hotel.

  1. Mahmud Ibrahim Reply

    These men were probably Israeli Mossad trying to plant “bombs” and perhaps blame it on Coastal Muslims in Kenya.

    But, well done the Kenyan Police, you seem to have woken up to their tricks!!

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