Kenya: Naked Policeman Chases Wife

A Kenyan police officer that went crazy has been admitted in an Embu hospital where he was taken by police officers. The Wajir-based officer had arrived with his wife on Saturday and hired a room at Oakhust lodge where they spent the night.

On Sunday morning, customers and the hotel staff heard noise emanating from their room and it was suspected that they were quarreling. But to their surprise, the woman stormed out of the room running while hotly being pursued by a naked man. Onlookers ran toward the busy Embu Kiritiri main road to watch the drama. The police were later called to assist.

They arrested the couple to find out what was wrong with them and took them to Embu Police Station. The Embu police boss Gasper Makau said after investigations they learned that the man was a police officer based in Wajir. He said they realized that he had developed some mental problems and decided to take him to hospital.

  1. madrid Reply

    That was just new ways of African Police displaying love and thirst for sex.The Police was man was suffering from Sex dream sydrom due to vigria overdoze,he is not mad

  2. Jerry Reply

    There are no words to describe how bodacouis this is.

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