Zambia: New President Says His Govt Will Be Guided By The Ten Commandments

Zambia’s newly sworn-in President, Michael Sata, said on Sunday that his government will be guided by the biblical Ten Commandments.

Sata is the first elected Catholic head of state and a devout believer. He became the country’s first Catholic president after winning last Tuesday’s election.

Addressing the congregation at Saint Ignatius Parish in Lusaka on Sunday, he said he wanted the government to adopt the Catholic discipline and doctrine of service to the people.

Thanking the Church for its contribution towards his ascent to the presidency in the last ten years, the president said he would ensure that all children had three meals a day in the same way that his children do.

He also promised to address the people’s concerns and emphasized the need to work with the Church in addressing the people’s problems.

Father Chilinda, who said the people voted for President Sata because he is a hard worker, called on the new president to embrace all citizens and not seek retribution but reconciliation.

Father Chilinda also urged citizens to help President Sata fight corruption by getting rid of corrupt ways.

President Sata was accompanied by former works and supply deputy minister Lameck Mangani and other senior members of his Patriotic Front (PF) party.

But Mr Sata took 43 per cent of the vote to Banda’s 36 per cent, by harnessing the anger of the youth and the unemployed who have yet to see change in their daily lives.

Zambia is now one of the few African countries to have the ruling party change democratically twice since independence.

  1. EYAM ODEY Reply

    The ten commandments? hmmmmmmmmmmm… This looks like the equivalent of Sharia ooo… Let all the criminally minded watch their steps… I no fit shout.

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