First African Military Plane Designed And Made In South Africa

A South African company has on Tuesday unveiled what it calls the first African military plane.

The plane, called Advanced High Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft, AHRLAC, was designed and made in Africa.

Ivor Ichikowitz, the chairman of the Paramount Group, while showing the plane to reporters, said the lightweight aircraft can be used for peacekeeping missions and reconnaissance and is armed to defend itself.

Ichikowitz says it’s the first of such aircraft to be designed and built entirely by African companies and is ideal for surveillance and patrol applications.

He says he’s received an order from a country he would not name for 50 of the planes, each costing about $10 million.

Paramount Group is one of Africa’s largest military hardware producers and has markets in West Africa and the Middle East. The company produced the plane along with technical partner Aerosud, a South African aeronautical engineering company.

  1. madrid Reply

    Bravo South Africa,you hosted the best world cup and now one of the best militry Jet fighter in the world
    Your examples on African continet connt be over rated…….while your Nigerian counterpart are busy stealing and looting and marrying wives.

  2. Pat Reply

    This indeed is a good achievement 4 d south africans. I believe Nigerians have higher potential to achieve something better than this if not 4 d visionless corrupt leaders that are hijacking d political system of d country. Good work!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    braval sa let zambia follow your example

  4. Anonymous Reply

    SA did Cheetah modifications to Mirages; Impala light fighter; Rooivalk, the only helicopter able to do a full loop; Nigeria?
    Can not build an engine – the company seizes at the bank as the management steals all the money!
    SA build a satellite! it did not sell, but it was build at SABS!

  5. Anonymous Reply

    10 Million? with all the trims? radar etc?

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