48 Kenyans Hospitalized After A Gas Leakage

At least 48 people were admitted to the hospital on Wednesday in serious condition after inhaling toxic gas from a leakage from a tank at Shauri Moyo Estate, Nairobi.

A worker at a scrap metal yard cut open a drum that contained the poisonous gas, which caused the leakage.

According to the Kenya Red Cross, chlorine gas is suspected to have leaked from a nearby welding factory.

Police officers evacuated the area as the victims were rushed to the Kenyatta National Hospital, KNH, for treatment.

Kamukunji District Commissioner Matilda Sakwa told residents that the scrap metal yard would remain sealed off until it is ascertained there is no danger.

According to him, “We responded very fast and our officers took control of the situation. They have assessed the situation and they have advised me that we can all go back to our homes and business. But if anyone feel unwell after today, it is advisable that they visit a hospital.”

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