Nigerian Militant Group Threatens To Bomb Capital On Independence Day

A Nigerian militant group based in the oil-producing Niger Delta has allegedly sent an email on Wednesday night, saying it would bomb the nation’s capital, Abuja, on October 1, Independence Day.

In the email sent to media organizations, spokesperson for the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND, Jomo Gbomo warned the general public to stay away from the Eagles Square on Oct. 1.

MEND, which claimed responsibility for last year’s twin bombings near the same venue, issued the threat in a statement emailed to journalists.

It warned members of the public to take the warning seriously, adding that the attack “will be novel in nature”.

Most of MEND’s previous attacks had been centered on the southern oil region, targeting especially oil facilities.

The group claims to be fighting to give the people of the Delta more access to the region’s oil wealth.

The discovery of abundant petroleum reserves in the Niger Delta and vicinity meant that the elite ruling group and external forces (including but not limited to Big Oil) have conspired to extract this resource at maximum profit largely setting aside the possibility of in situ development and long term improvement in areas of education, health care, infrastructure, and so on for actual Nigerians. It is not surprising at all that there are militant rebel groups in this area.

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