Equatorial Guinea: 11 Super Cars Of An African Dictator Seized By French Police

The French National Police has on Wednesday seized 11 Super cars belonging to Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, president of Equatorial Guinea. The cars were seized at his residence at 42 Avenue Foch in Paris.

The seized cars are with a total value of over 5 million dollars (N800 million). Among them were two Bugatti Veyrons, a Maserati MC12, a Porsche Carrera GT, a Ferrari Enzo and a Ferrari 599 GTO.

The reason why the French National Police seized the cars are unclear but it could have something to do with wide spread investigations into the Equatorial Guinean president and in particular the use of state funds to buy private property in France.

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is currently the longest ruling leader in Africa and also Chairman of the African Union.

In November 2010, the Supreme Court of France accepted the appointment of an investigating judge and the opening of a judicial inquiry into claims that the President has used state funds to purchase private property in France.

Equatorial Guinea is rich in oil but despite its rising revenues from oil, poverty in the country is still widespread and credible allegations of high-level corruption.

Obiang and his eldest son are subject of judiciary investigations around the world. His son is the owner of one of the most expensive houses in Malibu, California at 3620 Sweetwater Road.

Abuses under Obiang have included unlawful killings by security forces; government-sanctioned kidnappings; systematic torture of prisoners and detainees by security forces; life threatening conditions in prisons and detention facilities; impunity; arbitrary arrest, detention, and incommunicado detention.

In July 2003, state-operated radio declared Obiang to be a god who is “in permanent contact with the Almighty” and “can decide to kill without anyone calling him to account and without going to hell.” He personally made similar comments in 1993. Despite these comments, he still claims that he is a devout Catholic and was invited to the Vatican by John Paul II and again by Benedict XVI. Macías had also proclaimed himself a god.

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