Nigeria: 50 Lawyers To Defend 2 Youths Awaiting Amputation

About 50 lawyers have reportedly shown their interest to defend the two teenagers in Zamfara State that are billed to have their wrists amputated free of charge.

An Islamic court in northern Nigeria’s Zamfara state found them guilty and has sentenced them to amputation of their right hands for stealing a bull. The court ruled that the wrists of Auwalu Abubaka, 23, and Lawalli Musa, 22, should be amputated in public.

A rights activist, Mr Anthony Agboh, said the lawyers were contacted by civil organizations in the state in connection with the case.

He said the rights groups believed their conviction was an error.

He stated that though the teenagers were convicted under the sharia law being practiced in the state, “We were told for a judge to pass this kind of judgment, certain criteria need to be made like where the convicts gainfully employed before committing the theft or what engineered them to steal the cow, or whether the owner carelessly leaves the cow without proper protection.”

Similarly, the Christians indigenous group has appealed to the state government to temper justice with mercy.

Speaking through its Public Relations Officer, Mallam Musa Tsafe, the group pleaded that the teenagers be forgiven.

Tsafe charged that the issue of robbery, theft, or any other social vices could be attributed to the failure of government at all levels to cater for their people.

He stressed that if the people had jobs and could afford to sponsor their kids to school and pay electricity bills, all the rampant cases of theft and robbery would be reduced to the bearest level.

Meanwhile, two persons sentenced to amputation by the Higher Shari’ah Court in Nasarawa Mailayi in Birnin Magaji local Government of Zamfara State have filed an appeal less than 48 hours to its execution.

A source told our correspondent that the convicts were seeking to overturn the verdict.

Findings, however, showed that all arrangements had been concluded for the execution of the ruling delivered by the Shari’ah Court judge, Justice Muhammadu Abubakar, in accordance with the provision of Shari’ah.

The state governor, Alhaji Abdul’Aziz Yari Abubakar, had during the 100-day in office celebration, vowed to allow the execution of the judgment if the convicts fail to appeal.

“They are going to be the third and fourth cases of amputation in the history of shari’ah in our state,” the governor said.

Source: Saturday Tribune

  1. Okorie Reply

    Amputate the hands of two youths cos the stole one bull? What about our government workers and political appointees who embezzle billions from our nations purse? Does anyone talk of amputating their heads? Everything is upside down in this country. Instead of sending those youths to a reform facility and equipping them with skills that will enable them make ends meet in this corruption- infested country, they are talking about cutting off their hands. Both the judge, the state gov’nor, the prosecuting counsel are more corrupt and criminal minded than those two boys. They ve stolen more than cows in their life time so why claim purity and the right to judge while ignoring the sanctity and respect for human life. This whole crap can be summed up in one word – ‘RUBBISH’ .

  2. madrid Reply

    Northern Nigeria’s Zamfara state is another Tablian state,anyway,what is my problem?I am very happy to have come from the Southern Nigeria and a Christain.I hope no Southern Layer will involve himself with the Terrorist State of Zamfara state,let them continue killing themslves,while we are enjoying Western Education and Music in the South Nigeria
    .Where is Yerimah or what is he called,?Why did the Taliban law not order is Pennis cut off for Sleeping with under age primary School girls,,ohooooooo Allah provided the Virgens for him to be fucking.

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