Zimbabwe: 3 Ladies Arrested For Raping 124 Men In 11 Days And Collecting Their Sperm

Three Zimbabwean women, namely: Rosemary Chakwizira, 24, Sophie Nhokwara, 26, as well as Netsai Nhokwara, 24, have been arrested and are presently in police custody for apparently kidnapping, raping and even collecting sperm of some men at gun point.

The three women usually visit night clubs and exciting areas to look for their next victims, who are mostly men with no means of transportation. They offer the naive men a ride, but then drug and take them to remote areas in order to complete their evil acts.

A Midlands Police chief Senior Assistant Commissioner, Charles Makono stated that the ladies came under suspicions after asking Police officers on duty if they could get back the bag of condoms from their car, which in fact had just been involved in an accident.

Surprisingly, 33 utilized condoms that contains semen was discovered in the bag.

A police detective stated: “So far, the 3 have denied raping men and have said they’re prostitutes who find themselves so busy with clients that they don’t have time to get rid of the used condoms. They said they meant to discard the condoms.”

Investigations reveals that semen was “selling like hot cakes” in nearby South Africa where a condom full of Sperm could possibly sell for US$400.

Money ritual is a common thing in Africa and most of these victims end up dying due to the evil nature of the ritual.

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Hmm. If this story were remotely true (and it most assuredly IS NOT), then men would be selling their own sperm to make this miraculous money.
    Furthermore, how do these three women have access to a magical drink that will cause men erections AND ejaculation, yet they are not BILLIONAIRES for selling it to the public?? People would pay for this miracle drink.

    I was mostly disappointed that this story did not end with there somehow being a bloody hook stuck into the side of the car door though. It would have made it perfect.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Hmm. If this story were true, which it most assuredly IS NOT, then why would the men of South Africa not sell their wares directly to the voodoo practitioners and keep out the middle(wo)man?

    Also, if these three mystical, non-existent women had access to a drink that could not only cause guaranteed erections but also cause guaranteed ejaculation, why have they not sold this formula to become trillionaires??? I mean, even Viagra and Levitra cannot come close to making this claim.

    And another glaring flaw in this fiction is this: sex is the easiest, easiest, easiest thing on the planet for women to get… for free. No woman would have to spend money of guns, gasoline (to apparently drive their non-existent victims 500 KM away), or magical boner elixirs if all she wanted was a man to consent to sex.

    This story only disappoints in that it did not end with “and in the morning they found a bloody hook stuck in the side of the car door”.

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