Nigeria: Gbenga Daniel Accuses Obasanjo, Others Of Evil Agenda—Says They Will Fail

Barely 48 hours after he was granted bail by the High Court in Abeokuta where he is standing trial for sixteen-count charge as
presented by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, the former Ogun State Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel yesterday alleged that there were deliberate attempts to convict him through the media. He also accused former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and his associates of plotting evil against him.

Daniel made the allegation through his Media Assistant, Gbenro Adebanjo, in a statement made available to newsmen in Abeokuta.

“We believe that the deliberate attempt to try and convict Otunba Daniel via the media is the handiwork of some individuals with vested interests who want the former governor out of circulation at all costs,” the statement said.

“From the various simulations and deliberately concocted stories making the rounds, it is obvious that certain individuals and interests are trying hard to use the ongoing trial to score cheap political points and ultimately assail the reputation of the former governor the outcome of the trial notwithstanding.”

Daniel also refuted the recent report that the Managing Director of the 21st Century Technologies Limited, Wale Ajisebutu, said to have colluded with him in defrauding the state.

The former governor added that he believes that justices will prevail in the ongoing case against him stating that the rule of law will prevail and the cause of justice will be served.

He also added that the evil agenda of the former president and his other traducers will fail.


  1. frank Reply

    I read with sadness Daniel Gbenga letter after his bail. I would have expected that he remain silent till the EFCC and the court decides his faith. The trouble with opportuntist nigerians are that because they have managed to steal state money, believe they are above the long arms of the Law. Why blame problem created by himself on others? Can he honestly say that the House in Croydon he acquired came from his authentic salary? The sole reason behind their action is because the most of the judges are corrupt. Justices has become the highest bidder . The whole administration in my beloved Country sickens most of us. A time will come in nigeria where people will not boarder to vote as leaders voted in only serve their selfish purposes. All political appointees right from the top needs a clear out through a peaceful revolution like the ones currently going on in the Araba sping. The case of Nigeria may be more bloodier than the sanctification in Ghana few years back. It is high time people wake up to their callings or face the wrath of GOD and its people.

    • elendu Reply

      I am sorry for you because you are just one of the mis-informed persons that only believes in paid up information on the pages of papers because you cannot reason things out well. You have forgottoen that Gbenga Daniel was a wealthy man before he became a governor in Ogun State. He became MD, Cryster Laurel at the age of 32 years, he was the Chairman of Bond bank for years and was one of the people that sponsored you now so called messaiah who is a big thief – Bola Tinubu’s election in 1999. Ogun state was not known for anything before he came in but brought developments to the state which people like you have turned blind eyes to, go and find out from records what developments Osoba brought to the state before Gbenga Daniel. Osoba looted the treasury so much that no body is talking about prosecuting him. You are simply an ignoramus and will continue to be because you have lost your mind and cannot reason properly any more. The travails that Gbenga Daniel is facing is simply the hand work of OBJ, a man who has lost it all even when he is alive. I hate talking to people like you because you cannot see beyond your nose. OGD will come out triumphant and will put all of you to shame by God’s grace. Olorun lo ma doju ti gbogbo one by one by God’s grace. Fools!!!!

  2. Valien Reply

    I dont blame them, I only blame those that are still paying attention to whatever all these politicians are saying or what they do.
    My advice; everyone just get ure own cause,do what u can to help yourself dont care about whatever anyone says.

  3. Emiola Reply

    Haba! There is a Yoruba adage which says ‘ajegbodo to nwa enire kunra’. Every Ogun State indigene regreted losing Osoba leadership during the evil days of Gbengas government. Osoba left the state with peace Gbenga brought his ruthlessness into the renowned peaceful state. From killing to oath-swearing to raping of female civil servants in his office to mention a few. Do u no dt this evil former gov had an ensuite in his office he was using to perform the ungodly act of raping the state female civil servants Gbenga Daniel is an embodiment of anything that is evil he does not have a rival. There was no money to loot in the last but one regime every penny dt belonged to the state was prudently managed for the good use of the state and accounted for with so many projects to Osobas credit which Gbengas and his cult mates were using propaganda to dismiss. If Gbenga escapes judgement on earth he will go to hell to suffer for his evil deeds. ‘ajegbodo to nwa enire kunra’
    He never borrowed a penny. the Ogun state pple no the governors who did well and the ones who killed their sprit as humans. Nemesis will catch up with evildoers one day.

    • Kunle Reply

      Eniola, you cannot see beyond where your eyes can reach. Osoba leaving the government office does not mean that he was a clean and good man. If Gbenga Daniel’s government had decided to prosecute him then the way Amosun is doing now, you would have been saying something different by now. Tell me the types of developments that Ogun State people experienced during the time of Osoba. I remember that government house during Osoba’s tenure was like a village setting. There was no good roads and other infrastructure developments. Now, you have banks and other businessess all around Abeokuta even to the extent that you could even feel traffics on the road, which wasnt so before he came in. How many people patronise Gatweay Hotels before the advent of Gbenga Daniel? He came in a re-structure the Hotel and now this is one of the pride of the state. We have some new stadia all around Ogun State now which has hosted many international competition and has brought glory to the state as a whole. How many people were interested in buyin lands in Ogun State before the during Osoba government? Now you have people struggling to buy lands in Ogun State just because perfect plans were put in place to make the state a better place for investors and interested people who want to own land. You that is accusing Gbenga Daniel been a thief does not know any thing about Gbenga Daniel administration, you a simply mislead individual that have sold his conscience to the fact that Gbenga Daniel has done well for the state. i remember that before Gbenga Daniel became governor in Ogun State, when you come in to Abeokuta, you will see goats running round the main streets in Abeokuta, the Abeokunta and Ogun State as a whole was a dead town and state. There was no activities and was not known for anything. Osoba was only looting and just because some eminent people that supposed to speak out were part of the looters. Go and check records if it will be disclosed to you, you will know that he borrowed money to run the state too. You dont know much and you are not trying to know at all. Your mind has been polluted and you dont have the mind of your own to be objective in a serious matter like this. Because some people are quiet does not mean that we dont know what to do. You and your cohort will be put to shame over Gbenga Daniel’s case because he is been persecuted unjustly. OBJ will be disgraced, Amosun will be disgraced, Ogun State House of Assembly will be disgraced and you will be disgraced! I give you 3 years, you will begin to see the true picture of this whole saga. I bet you if you dont stone Amosun out of office, then that means I dont know what I am saying. You only believe in politics of bitterness. Nemessis will catch up with you and your masters who are painting the pages of papers with wrong information to pollute the hearts of Ogun State people and especially Nigerians about Gbenga Daniel. Do you know what one thing? God has sealed the doors to the development of Ogun State until they apologise to the innocent man, Gbenga Daniel. God will judge you and everybody that is working against Gbenga Daniel.

  4. Emiola Reply

    Shameless people, where are the values of the olden days! These Gbengas comrades- in -evil deeds are like ‘ageku ejo’ awon to ye ki won so Lokuta pa. Killer squad, oath takers,wicked souls. They are still talking instead of burying their heads in shame? It is obvious their principal does not have a stake in Ogun state. For God sake cant Gbenga do without spending money on propaganda. He believes so much in propaganda and lies. He enjoys using fools to want to redeem his bad image. Gbenga I have never seen two of you in this world. Devil incarnate! You will reap what you so.

    • Tiembo Temide Reply

      I have nothing to tell you Eniola and your fellow blind comrades championinig the death of Gbenga Daniel. You are just a follow-follow and does not know what he is saying. Can you prove that Gbenga Daniel has a killer squard? Have you seen him with one before? just becuase your some disgruntled elements like you had gone to the pages of newspapers to tarnish his image that Gbenga Daniel ran a killer squard, you also took to it and started opening your dirty mouth to talk. You and your evil comrades are the “DEVIL INCARNATES”. You will all meet your waterloo shortly in life. I hate exchanging words with disoriented people like you because you are a miinformed, misdirected and misguided person. OGD will triumph and God will put all of you to shame.

    • Idalee Reply

      Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

  5. Emiola Reply

    Speede up Gbengas ‘Road to Prison’ the tailors have perfected his designer prison outfit.

    • Bola Reply

      I am waiting to see the end of Gbenga Daniel’s matter. If you think Gbenga Daniel will go to jail, that means OBJ should be jailed, Bola Ahmed Tinubu should be jailed, IBB, Abdusalam Abubarkar, Atiku, Osoba will also go to jail. What is good for the goose is good for the gingers. Osuwon ti a ba fi won fun OGD ni a o fi won fun gbogbo yin ni kookan. Thi is one of the reason that Nigerian politics will not move forward. You play politics of bitterness. You have been investigating OGD before he left the office but could not get any allegation against him. EFCC could not prosecute him in this last charges because all the allegations were mere lies and unfounded. The judge was stunned with the allegations while listening to the defence and counter defence. Were you in the court when OGD was arraigned? The stories int he pages of papers were different from what happened int he court. Why not watch your mouth and allow court to decide. You are simply evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Emiola Reply

    Go and digest Wale Adedayos book. He was with you before The Lord Jesus arrested him from evil deeds you hired him to do like Saul who changed Paul. I pity with you. As long as you sell your soul to the devil you will continue tell lies about Osoba administration.Your government of default stole the power and continue to pursue the last government before you, looking for what to use to nail Osoba but you failed. Gbenga became the GM of whatever the name of foreign company is called he grounded it till now they cannot survive anymore. If not for politics you will be comparing Osoba with Daniel. Go and read Osobas career history Gbenga was still wearing nappies when Osoba was making waves in Journalism. He ran three newspapers successfully but Gbenga grounded the only company Schodder he was put in charge to run that up till now the poor company would not survive. If Osoba stole or borrowed money why did the then Minister of finance Ngozi Okonjo-iweala, during the Economic Submit organised by Daniels administration, confirm that Ogun state did not borrow a kobo and if Osoba borrowed name the bank he borrowed from and the amount of interest paid by DAniel. Now back to your defence of killers-squad. Question one. Where is the body of Age Animasaun the man who purchased citizenship for your CAPOON. 2. Who killed Arojo? 3. Who killed Dipo Dina? 4. Who wanted to kill Wale Adedayo. Answer those questions pls. Olorun ri gbogbo eyin oni se ibi e jere ise owoo yin loruko Jesus. God cannot forgive Daniel if he even turns to pastor like a self confessed criminal as he as promised himself. Notorious criminal.

  7. Emiola Reply

    You you this job you have chosen. Job of propagadanist you will regret it like Malaolu did, like Wale did and many other followers of Daniel eg Alausa ti Daniel bosihoho in the newspaper. Haba, Daniels wickedness has no bounds. sebi he will soon fall out with you. Daniel closed down Ogun state site of governance for almost 2 years power intosticated him. Look at him now looking haggard in the newspaper. All his wicked deeds are following him. I pity that wife of his. Wrong choice of a husband notorious fool. The dream she had will manifest he is going to jail finish. Hoobi oju ole re ole.

  8. Emiola Reply

    When Osoba was leaving he accounted for all his stewardship and distributed his printed projects for the 4 years he spent as governor.I will start with Electrification – (1) all towns in Ijebu- North-East- 17 towns power supply commissioned in one day. (2) Immeko Afon (3) Full fledge studio at OGTV which Daniel investigated and lied that. Osoba bought two cameras( pretending to be an illiterate) for 140million Haifa. The studio was used by Daniel shamelessly for 8 years. The studio is still functioning. (4) water flowed freely under Osoba in all major towns like Abeokuta, Ijebuode, Otta, Shagamu and Ilaro. (2) Osobas roads that are still firm after ten years to mention a few, Ibogun, Idiiroko-Ipokia, Olorunda-Ayetor road, Igbogila Junction to Tata in Ketuland, Siun-Ogere-Iperu-Ilisan, Obada-Oko, link bridge Erunwon-Ilugun-Alaro-Ijebu-Igbo and Many more. You talked about Gateway Hotels they were well refurbished during Osobas tenure and they were thriving. oGTV was independent, Local Govt money was being spent without any thieving from them. O ya continue with your lies let’s listen to many many more of them but take note that when people hear Daniels name they get irritated remembering all he made the Ogun State indigenes suffered during his stolen tenure.

  9. Emiola Reply

    On the last note because I don’t want to bring my self so low to cultist, hired killers level, I won’t answer you any more. Abo oro la nso fun omo ti ko nse omoluwabi. Bye!

  10. Emiola Reply

    Lest I forget, Bola, WAEC fees was fully paid for throughout Osoba era. Daniel defaulted in this along the line. Osoba built OPIC Plaza in Ikeja,built Govt House for only 68 million Naira, Built Governors lodge enjoyed by DANIEL in Abuja ,built a new and the best Estate in Abeokuta where the likes of Obasanjo, Primate Jasper Akinola, Late Justice Ejiwunmi, Fola Adeola, and others built their residences. He believes in selfless service. with little allocation Osoba managed the resources wisely, with plenty allocation Daniel spent the allocation unwisely. I leave you to your conscience if at all you have one. Onabanjo and Osoba the two great journalism are the best two governors Ogun State ever had.

  11. Ogetiele Reply

    Emiola; well said.

  12. Terri Kole Reply

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