“Africans: A Triple Uselessness” By Aminata Sankanu

In his new book, “Africans: A Triple Uselessness,” Aminata Sankanu discusses why Africans should wake up and take charge of their continent. Here are excerpts:

African decision makers are more interested in the votes than in the views of their peoples. They have not yet started putting the interests of their people above their own short term materialistic vanity.

They are too myopic to see the warning signs once the global investment parasites start calling your country “emerging market” “tiger”, “lion”, “dragon”, “elephant”, “pig”, “middle income”, “rising”, “investor friendly”, “model”, “hub”, civilized”, “smart”, “gold mine”, “innovative”, “modern”, “next´11”, “next frontier”, “promised land” and other flattering names. Once you hear that, know that they are coming to dupe you, your family, your government, your national treasury, your retirement plan, your culture and then run to another unsuspecting country.

The greedy parasites will cajole gullible African leaders to entrust them their Sovereign Wealth by lying that they are an integral part of the global solidarity systems and the international community will in turn come to their aid in times of distress. Lies and damned lies. Remember, they never kept their promises to Africans from the slave trade to date and they will not keep them for posterity.

Apart from the global best practices that would not destroy our African peculiarities, we Africans do not need to copy any foreign system just because it is attractive and trendy. We should strictly filter out foreign ideas and borrow only the ones that serve our values and needs. Dialogue with other civilizations does not mean we should contaminate our African Civilizations until we cannot recognize our African Values anymore.

As progressive human beings, we should filter our local cultures by dumping the harmful practices that are stifling prosperity while proudly developing the useful traditions that give us competitive advantages. We Africans are currently lagging behind in the fields of appropriate innovation, self-sufficiency, regional unity and global clout. The unique fields we have to beat the world with are our rich tangible and intangible cultural wealth, the entrepreneurial zeal of our artisans, fauna and flora and our Social Warmth. Many people in the broken industrialized societies envy us for our priceless heritages. So let us value and make them the cardinal components of our African Renaissance Economic Systems explained in this book. We can do it once we give up the pervasive African elite’s Uselessness and the entrenched culture of begging.

We must respect each other as Blacks and Africans, unite and proudly Africanize beyond mental, tribal, religious, materialistic, political and artificial boundaries first before the rest of the world can start respecting us.

For more on the book, email: PrinceBubacarrASankanu@gmx.de

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