Syria Seeking Africa’s Help To Suppress Resistance

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad is seeking Africa’s support to overcome a mounting international pressure against his regime.

President Assad sent his deputy Foreign minister Fayssal Mikdad to Africa Union headquarters in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa over the weekend to meet to the commission chief Jean Ping.

AU’s spokesperson Nouredin Mezni said the Syrian envoy stressed the importance of solidarity between the Arabs and Africans to overcome the challenges they face.

Dr Mikdad also blamed the unrest that has rocked his country in the past months on foreign media conspiracy.

“Syria delegation has requested AU’s diplomatic support in the international stage and at the UN,” Mr Mezni said.

“We also discussed some issues of common interest between AU and Syria,” he added.

However, Dr Ping on his part underlined the need for reforms in Syria in response to the citizenry demands and noted that this is the only way to preserve the country’s stability and its role in the Middle East.

Syria is one of the Arab countries with an observer status at the AU.

Syrian is facing international pressure for rapid change following protests that erupted in the country four months ago.

Source:Africa Review

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