South Africa: Cape Town Opens Diamond Museum

Cape Town had just recently opened a diamond museum called “Cape Town Diamond Museum”, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the journey of diamonds in South Africa.

The city’s new glittering attraction is situated in the upgraded Clock Tower precinct at the V&A Waterfront.

It also pays homage to the country’s significant contribution to the international diamond industry. They are able to explore first hand what mining was like, learn about the 4 Cs and discover a whole new way of appreciating the art of diamonds.

Spokesperson Yair Shimansky says the exhibition tracks the entire journey of diamonds: from unpolished stones in the mines – to the sparkly rocks that end up on people’s fingers.

Shimansky believes the museum will boost tourism in the country.

According to Shimansky, “The museum is open for anybody that is interested and intrigued by the world of diamonds – and also wants to understand the diamond history of South Africa. It is open basically for people to come and enjoy the museum and actually understand the heritage.”

It’s a very entertaining and very educational experience, and I think any South African or any visitor will basically get out with much more than they came in with.”

Diamonds were first discovered in South Africa in 1866. The country has since produced some of the world’s largest and most valuable stones including the Cullinan.

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