South Africa: Can Afrikaners Survive In A Mafia State?

(Johann Wingard, Ph.D.)

Somebody mentioned the other day that South Africa is a party state, not a democracy. In democracies it is parliament that makes policies and laws, but in South Africa, policies are made by Luthuli House, the ANC’s Johannesburg head quarters. Parliament merely legitimizes the acts.

So, what does the party that governs South Africa look like?

There is compelling prima facie evidence that the ANC is today the largest organized crime syndicate on earth. To prepare a list to demonstrate that point took me only twenty minutes. That list can be quadrupled if another depressing forty minutes would be spent to do so.

One can therefore only conclude that South Africa has become a mafia state, whose tentacles are open for all to see, and which is imbedded by law. To demonstrate my point I list a few instances:

• The Arms Scandal: Why was there such an obscene haste to place orders for huge quantities of highly sophisticated arms, which are unsuitable for this country’s defense requirements? Was that weapons transaction the real reason behind the 1993 revolution to put the ANC in power in South Africa? The full story will come out one day, I am sure.

• What happened to the hundreds of millions of Rands that mysteriously disappeared at the Land Bank?

• The “donation” of R11 million that Petrosa made to the ANC was swept under the carpet.

• The Kwa Zulu Natal government is currently investigating 25 cases of fraud and corruption involving more than R700 million.

• Forty members of parliament used travel vouchers valued at more than R18 million for themselves.

• The station commander of the Goodwood police station who “doctored” Toni Yengeni’s docket before his corruption trial.

• The revelation that Jackie Selebi, the former national police chief, had very close personal ties with the crime syndicate boss, Glenn Agliotti.

• The growing number of thousands of tenderpreneurs, who, being members of the ANC, benefit directly from state contracts, for which they pay millions and millions of Rands as kick backs to influential politicians. Julius Malema’s affairs that were exposed last week, being just one case in point.

• Sheryl Cwele, wife of security Minister Siyabonga Cwele, has been sentenced for twelve years for drug smuggling. She appealed against her sentence, and still has the audacity to sue her state employer for loss of salary while her case was being heard.

• The Public Protector’s damning pronouncement on Bheki Cele, the current police chief, who awarded leasing contracts valued at billions of Rands to a black property owner, who just happens to be one of president Zuma’s friends.

• Not to mention the crude abuse of public funds by Traditional Affairs Minister Sicelo Shiceka, who spent more than a year in a luxury Cape Town hotel, and who flew first class to Switzerland to visit his fiancé, when she was being held on several counts of drug smuggling.

• Let me stop at the report of the Auditor general, which condemns all but thirty of the 286 municipalities in the country. Billions and billions of Rands are unaccounted for and municipal services have come to a standstill in many towns. It is revealed that after the inexperienced and unqualified officials have paid their own salaries and bonuses, no money is left to pay for the services for which the tax payers are paying.

• And we have not started to examine the affairs of Chancellor House, an ANC owned company…

With this background we have listen why the mines and banks must be nationalized and that commercial farmers’ land has to be redistributed to correct the injustices of the past. Let there be no illusions about this; these exploits are only intended to provide a legal framework for the ANC-mafia to lay claim on everything the white man has ever established in this country.

This list is adequate evidence to illustrate that the ANC is now rotten to its core. The free market system is being exploited to the benefit of the ANC’s members by a racist policy framework of Affirmative Action, Cadre Deployment, Black Economic Empowerment and Transformation. Large part of the economy is “legally” funnelled to ANC supporters to repay them for their loyalty to the party through the years.

The free market system can only survive when a framework of business ethics and morality regulates the behavior of the participants in the economy, when a man’s conscience prevents him from unfair business practices. Alas, those are strange concepts to the ANC’s thought processes. The tax payers are constantly reminded of their apartheid past, for which they should be willing to pay up and shut up.

The questions one is left with are: How long can this endure? How can this imbalance, caused by criminality, be terminated? How long will the western fraction of the population, which is the country’s tax base, be prepared to tolerate an untenable situation? How could they retaliate effectively when a mafia is draining the country with their imported liberal moralities is cast into concrete as government policy?

What is abundantly clear is that a massive brain drain has already occurred in this country and that a skills vacuum has developed. The institutional memory of government at all levels has been destroyed and inexperienced ANC cadres run a country with its serious demographic problems and sophisticated economy.
With abating breath the world is awaiting the implosion of a one prosperous country, now destroyed by what they call democracy, but which is none other than a kleptocracy.

A kleptocracy where political power brings instant wealth!

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