Mills Fires UK’s Cameron, Saying Ghana Won’t Legalise Homosexuality For UK Aid

The President of Ghana, John Evans Atta Mills, has officially responded to threats by UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron saying
would not accept any aid that has homosexuality strings attached.

He said Britain cannot tell Ghana, a sovereign nation, what to do, adding that the country would not in any way legalize homosexuality.

Ghana’s constitution like many African countries frowns on homosexuality, but the UK PM has threatened to cut aid to African countries whose laws are stiff on gays.

The Prime Minister’s comment has been received with strong condemnation from Ghanaians asking the UK to keep its aid if such conditionality is enforced.

Majority of Ghanaians called on the government to officially respond to the threats by Britain.

Interacting with media men at the Castle, Osu on Wednesday, President Mills stated that Ghana would go by the constitution because legalizing homosexuality has the tendency to destroy the moral fibre of society.

President Mills said UK can keep its aid if it would attach such conditionalities.

More details soon. ..


  1. Agyemang-Badu K. K Reply

    david cameron or what ever he calls himself shd go to hell with his gay partners. We are not ready accept devilish and demonic retarded minded policies and grants. Thanx to the wise president for not putting our faith in such a shameful act. Wiseman you are a blessing to ghana for that wise stand.

  2. eugene baah Reply

    You dis prime minister,get ready for God’s judgement.

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