Engaged Couple With Baby On The Way Find Out They Are Siblings

In an unfortunate turn of events, an engaged love stuck pair expecting their first baby, discover that they are in reality siblings born to same parents. The couple was informed after their respective parents met face-to face to discuss their engagement. It was then that the astounding truth came out.

The youngsters, who are unnamed, have now broken off their five-year long relationship. However they are now in a dilemma about how to go about breaking the news to their unborn baby in future. The baby is expected to be born next month.

Theirs is indeed a sad tale, with both of them having been separated as children. They were brought up independently, after their parents separated from each other in 1983 after an acrimonious split and divorce.

The couple had their upbringing nearly 80 km (50 miles) away from each other in separate towns in Mpumalanga, an eastern province of South Africa. The girl was brought up by her mother in Pienaar, while her brother was raised by his father at Bushbuckridge.

It was just by sheer co-incidence that the duo met again in 2007 at a University. According to the girl it was ‘Love at first sight.’

The girl now says that all they ever wanted to do was have a family and raise several kids. “So you can imagine how shocked we were when they broke the news. We are going to have a child together.” Further she adds that now they do not know what they were going to tell their child when he grows up.

The truth spilled out when the guy’s relatives met with the girl’s family to discuss the ‘Lobola.’ This is a traditional price the family pays to the bride’s family. Now the relative says the family cannot “think straight at the moment.”

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