Nigeria: Lagos Esplanade Project Unveiled

Lagos municipal company FUTURLAGOS E.E.M. has put out a public tender for the construction of a new esplanade in central Lagos, completion of the riverside car park and the building of four pavilions to be used for bars, cafés and a stationers, by next summer.

The estimated investment for the project is €1.5 million, €950,000 of which will be spent on covering the car park and €550,000 for the construction of the four pavilions including basic infrastructures such as water, sewage, electricity and irrigation.

In a statement sent to The Portugal News by Lagos Town Hall, it said that a public tender will also be launched until the end of the year by FUTURLAGOS for the concession rights to the four commercial pavilions.

Plans had originally foreseen that six café bars would share three of the pavilions; however a study showed that this would not be viable, so each pavilion will only be occupied by one café bar, with space to host shows, exhibitions and other entertainment.

Construction is expected to last up to five months, with work due to be complete by July or August 2012 “although there are many variables that could interfere with these plans.”

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