Zimbabwe: Muchinguri Reveals TB Joshua Pilgrimage

ZANU PF politburo member and women’s affairs secretary, Oppah Muchinguri has revealed she recently visited renowned Nigerian prophet, TB Joshua for help with some undisclosed personal and political problems.

She becomes the latest in a growing list of top Zimbabwean politicians and leading public personalities to visit the faith healer, among them suspended Zanu PF colleague, Tracey Mutinhiri, Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai and Zifa boss, Cuthbert Dube.

According to NewsDay, Muchinguri made the revelation last Wednesday during an induction of Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee provincial liaison committees for the three Matabeleland provinces in Bulawayo.

In a bid to cool down flaring tempers as the meeting discussed political violence Muchinguri reportedly remarked: “I sense a lot of anger in the house. You need to free your hearts of those emotions as leaders. I went to Nigeria to TB Joshua and told him I had problems with a number of politicians and family members.

“I actually took all the people who I had problems with in my heart all the way to Nigeria. They were there in the plane with me.

“When I got there I told him of my problems. TB Joshua asked if I was a Christian. He asked if I was praying to God and I said yes.

“He then said God did not hear my prayers because I was angry. As a leader what you need to do is to open your hearts.”

The former cabinet minister said TB Joshua “then challenged me to pray for all those people and forgive them”.

“When you pray for them, God has a way of solving things,” she said.
Muchinguri said people should carry out self- introspection instead of venting their anger on those around them.

“You should address your issues as an individual,” she said. “This nation has angry people. We hope that all the issues you have will be raised and resolved in the provincial liaison committees that have been set up.”

TB Joshua is the leader and founder of the ministry organization The Synagogue, Church of All Nations which runs a Christian television available on satellite and via the internet.

He claims to be able to heal and predict events in the lives of individuals who visit his church although critics dismiss his alleged miracles as counterfeit.

Source: New Zimbabwe

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