Zimbabwe: Mutare Police Probe New Sex Attack On Man By Women

Police in Mutare say they are investigating a sex attack on a 25-year-old man by two women last Friday night – just weeks after they thought they had put an end to a two-year ritualistic crime spree with the arrest of three suspects.

Police say the two women, acting in collusion with two men, convinced the victim to ride with them in their vehicle – described as a white Toyota Land Cruiser – on the promise of employment.

Manicaland police spokesman Inspector Leonard Chabata said: “One of the men was known to the victim as they had met in Mt Darwin the previous week where the victim was promised employment in Mutare.

“They met on Friday morning in Harare and the man introduced his accomplices as his friends, telling them he had secured employment for the victim in Mutare.

“They drove in a white Toyota Land Cruiser from Harare and just after Msasa, they bought drinks. As they were drinking, one of the alleged female rapists did not finish her drink and gave it instead to the victim who drank it.
“He suddenly felt dizzy and started sweating before falling unconscious.”

The man regained consciousness just after 12PM, feeling weak. He found himself in a wooded area near Magamba Training Centre in Mutare. At the time of his awakening, he found one of the women having sex with him.

The police spokesman added: “In that state, he was forced to have sex with both women who are said to have been wearing female condoms. The alleged female rapists drugged him with a stimulant before they both had sex with him till about midnight.”

The attack stopped when the man started “producing blood”, Inspector Chabata said, forcing a member of the gang to observe that he was “no longer useful”.

The man was dumped at the spot and did not regain consciousness until noon on Saturday. He was treated at Mutare Provincial Hospital.

Police last month arrested three Gweru women and an alleged male accomplice after 31 used condoms – four of them half full – were seized at an accident scene. The women were charged with 17 counts of aggravated sexual assault before being released on US$300 bail each.

But the trio – Sophie Nhokwara, 26, Netsai Nhokwara, 26, and 24-year-old Rosemary Chakwizira – have a solid alibi for the latest attack after they sought refuge at Gweru Police Station last Friday after fleeing an angry mob.

The first stories of women assaulting men emerged two years ago. Ever since, hardly a month has gone by without another report.

The stories all have a common thread – men offered a lift by women, only to find themselves forced to consume some aphrodisiac before being sexually assaulted and having their sperm harvested.

Police say they are not exactly sure why the women have been harvesting sperm, sometimes at gunpoint, but there has been a lot of speculation that it is for use in traditional medicine.

“That speculation… has been going around but as the police, until we get something that is concrete, we will try and deal with it, those that we have arrested, to find out what exactly they wanted to use those things for,” national police spokesman Superintendent Andrew Phiri said.

Sociologist Dr Watch Ruparanganda from the University of Zimbabwe has just published his thesis, Genitals Are Assets, about sexual practices in Zimbabwe. He says this case confirms the value of sperm in traditional medicine.

“How could the people have more than 30 condoms on them if it wasn’t for business?” Dr Ruparanganda said of the Gweru women who say, in their defence, that they are prostitutes who were simply overwhelmed with business, making it impossible to dispose of used condoms promptly.

“Obviously one here can see that it’s some form of business otherwise people wouldn’t spend time you know, harvesting sperm for nothing and they are risking their lives.”

Source: New Zimbabwe

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