Ghanaian Fanatic Prophesies End Of The World -Africa Review

If the words of a Ghanaian self-proclaimed prophet Peter Anamoah, are to be taken seriously, the only safe place on earth Friday (November 11, 2011) will be a small village near Bolgatanga in Ghana’s Upper East region, some 801km north of the capital, Accra. The rest of the world will to be destroyed by God.

Mr Anamoah has not given the form that the world’s destruction will take.

It does, however, look like not many people were taking him seriously because apart from members of the congregation of the Makara Church of which he is the founder, the rest of the population were going about their lives without any fears.

Like many before him, Anamoah, who styles himself the ‘Prophet to the Nations’, has managed to convince his followers about the impending doom and some have left their jobs to follow him to Bolgatanga to await the end of the world.

One of those followers, Mr Peter Asiedu, a technician with his own business in Accra, told the Africa Review: “I have told my family to join me, but they do not want to follow me because they think ‘Prophet’ Anamoah’s prediction would not come to pass.”

“Some of my friends claim they have heard such predictions in the past and nothing happened. But for those of us who belong to the Makara Church, we know how God is using ‘Prophet’ Anamoah and believe that he has heard the word of God,” Mr Asiedu added.

In the streets of Accra and other urban centres, life had not been affected in any way. What had been the concern of many was the influence that this ‘Prophet’ had on members of his congregation to do his bidding without question.

Some concerned relatives of ‘Prophet’ Anamoah’s followers expressed their dismay. Mr Ebenezer Tenkorang, an uncle of a church member called Mr Bernard Owiredu, told the independent Daily Guide newspaper that his nephew, who is a university graduate, was able to convince his siblings to flee with him to Bolgatanga.

  1. osei david Reply

    How iz Prophet Anamoah feeling now?

  2. ano nymous Reply

    where is the pastor now, i can not just believe that even the people who are enlightened can really fall for such…his predictions isn’t a problem but how is he able to convince people to do every thing he says…? seriously! how could you possibly leave your job and go to the village only to find out the world is still here….? how silly will people look now? and where at all is this pastor? he needs to be interviewed again..i’m sure he will say he intervened with prayers…

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