Tanzania’s Life Expectancy Improves To 58 Years – Says UN

According to the 2011 Human Development Report, HDR, Tanzania is leading the East African Community in improving life expectancy of its citizens to 58.2 years.
The United Nations Development Program, UNDP, reported that Kenyans follow Tanzanians with life expectancy of 57.1 years and Rwandans with 55.4 years.

The Ugandans with 54.1 years and Burundians with 50.4 years are ranked the fourth and fifth in the five member regional bloc, which is in the process of deeper integration.

The UNDP Representative in the country Alberic Kacou, said that the HDR with Human Development Indices, HDI, shows that Tanzania has moved one step ahead with important indicators, namely Life Expectancy, Mean Years of Schooling and Gross National Income (GNI) per capita, showing an upward trend.

Kacou said that environmental degradation was the major factor affecting steady increase of HDI for many countries globally. “The report finds strong links between HID and environmental degradation, though the damage can be traced largely to economic growth,” he said.

According to the report, “Sustainability and Equity: Between 1980 and 2011,” Tanzania ’s life expectancy at birth increased by 7. 7 years, mean years of schooling increased by 2.6 years and expected years of schooling increased by 1.8 years, he said.

The report with an overall data comprising life expectancy, literacy level and GNI per capita, shows that Tanzania ranks the second in the EAC, while Kenya is taking the lead with 143rd global rank.

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    My problem is that i did not understand which factor or indicators used to measure life expectancy because on my side i think Kenyans would be ahead in life expectancy than Tanzania…..

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