Nigeria: Panic Over IBB’s Health –Rushed To Germany For Intensive Care

There is palpable fear in the homestead of former military President, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, over his failing health.

Report says that the former Nigeria Head of State has been in a very unhealthy condition for some time and that the situation was being managed by medical experts, only for the condition to get worse over the weekend.

The worsening health condition was what informed his being rushed to Germany for a better and more intensive medical attention.

Right now in Minna, Niger State, the home state of the general, uneasy calm pervades the air as the people there are not sure of the true state of things about their beloved son,who held sway as Nigeria’s military president for almost a decade.

Even the executive governor of the state, Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, had to cancel his 56th birthday anniversary at the last minute, when the news got to him that the man popularly known as ‘Maradona’, was ailing fast and needed urgent attention. Upon this, the governor, who is also the chairman, Northern governors Forum, quickly made for Germany last Wednesday to visit Babangida on his sick bed.

It is also believed that IBB’s family members and associates have gone into serious prayers to ensure the speedy recovery of their father, friend and mentor.

IBB, you will recall, has been suffering from a perennial leg disease for years now, a condition which he has been managing even long before he stepped aside.

He was said to have picked the ailment after the civil war during which he served Nigeria diligently.

There is also an alleged cancer affliction which he has been suffering for sometime but kept under wraps. What particularly lends credence to IBB’s current ill-health is that he has not been visible or heard of in many public functions for months and efforts by many of his close associates to get in touch with him were always rebuffed.

A top military brass who would not want to be identified said: “I don’t know what is happening to Oga, because I have been trying to get in touch with him for months now without any result”

Meanwhile, the true situation of IBB’s health remains cloudy as no one contacted at the Niger State Government by us was willing to make a positive statement on the true situation.

As at press time however, we gathered that IBB is still on his hospital bed in Germany being intensively attended to by medical experts.


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  2. madrid Reply

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    • Mickey Reply

      Kudos to you! I hadn’t thought of that!

    • Ziggy Reply

      Madrid I feel u , no good prayer for him from any Christian or pastor the wicked wil die by their sword. IBB u are scared of death while u complicated so many Nigerians Lives. Now ur turn manage that Mr killer.

  3. chuks Reply

    this madrid idiot should know dat he is not immortal. and also what u wish to people is what u recieve back. ibb we are praying for ur speedy recovery, amen.

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  7. Akinbowale taiwo Reply

    Hi madrid,u ve really spoken well probably bcos of d way u feel but u could pray 4 him and leave god 2 decide (whatever a man sows he reaps.says the bible). NO SINNERS WILL GO UNPUNISHED.

  8. madrid Reply

    Thank you MrAkinbowale taiwo my brother,may God bless you,i am happy with you advice.I am a very sad man,the situation in Nigeria is making my heart to weep.Babaginda drove me into exile for many years.As a young boy,i used to see Dele Giwa off Adeniyi Jones jogging early in the morning,he was full of life and then News Watch was at its peak,suddenly one day i came back to see that the young man has been bombed and killed.
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    I enjoy you Madrid. These guys have done so much damage to the country and especially Babangida who had no qualms calling himself “evil genuis” and who actually enthroned corruption and “settlement” in Nigeria. I left Nigeria too at the time because as a student of economics at the University of Jos, we were regularly made to analyze the effects of his policies and i saw clearly that there was just no way for Nigeria with a leader like him. He destroyed the very fabric and values of our society and people with his “settlement” style and till date, we as a people have not find a way to redeem ourselves from the pit this maradona has led us to. As a Christian, i dont swear but i am sure a large portion of those who grew up around the time of his regime still feel bitter with him. The only clear thing is even if he does not die now, he eventually die like everyone of us so i dont see hum dyeing as a punishment but hopefully, his death will rid us of his corrupting influence and probably, we will start to see things in the right perspective. BYe bye to rubbish. Babangida if you die now, say hello to all the children you killed either directly or through corruption.

  10. Ziggy Reply

    Too wicked rot in hell if at u made it to death.God will judge u and friends OBJ and for the political damage u cause in Delta state

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