Rare Michael Jackson Tour Film To Go On Sale

The last has not been heard about the late ‘King of Pop’, Michael Joseph Jackson, as he remains news-worthy even in death as in life. This time however, the late megastar is in the news over an unreleased and unseen tour film he made sometime in 1993 during the height of his career and which reportedly is to fetch over its estimated £4M four million pounds when it goes on auction on Saturday, November 26, 2011.

The two-hour film, which had been in possession of his former personal chauffeur, contains scenes from his Pepsi-Cola sponsored ‘Dangerous’ world tour, behind-the-scene and backstage footages as well a scene of Jordy Chandler, the boy Jackson was accused of having sexually molested. The film was shot using the latest technology available at the time, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A short preview of the tape on popular file sharing site YouTube, after Jackson’s death in 2009, had generated controversies among the late singer’s estate and record company, all claiming exclusive rights, prompting its removal by the ex-chauffeur, a Brazilian.

Fans and collectors of the late singer’s memorabilia will throng Fame Bureau Auctioneers where the tape will go on sale and may likely surpass the estimated amount cited.

The world tour, during which the film was made, lasted from June 1992 to November, 1993 but wasn’t concluded owing to Jackson’s inability to continue because of illness.

Earlier this month, the ‘King of Pop’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, who administered the drugs, was convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of the singer, who died in June 2009 after receiving a fatal overdose of drugs especially the potent anaesthetic Propofol.


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