Man Dumped By Fiancee After Selling Kidney For £12k To Buy Engagement Ring

A man sold his kidney for £ 12,300 and spent the cash on an engagement ring for his lover only for her to dump him in the Ukraine.

Organ sales have become lucrative business in certain parts of the world since the global economic recession. For instance, in Britain it is no longer surprising to find kidneys being advertised for sale on the internet. Some even specify that would be buyers should be ready to pay at least £1,000 for hotel bills abroad, plus plane ticket and £1,200 to cover lost wages since most British surgeons are unwilling to perform such operations for legal reasons and the risk involved.

Investigations revealed that kidneys are at times sold for as much as £25,000. Though most sellers agree that greed and the zeal to pay off their debts are the main motivating factors, they also claim the move could help save lives of those in need of the organs.

UK Mirror

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