South African Genius, Sonette Ehlers Invents Anti-Rape Device

A brilliant South African woman by the name of Sonette Ehlers, has invented a new anti-rape gadget to trap with rows of razor-sharp hooks designed to be worn internally by women. The product named Rapex, latches on to a rapist’s penis during penetration and can only be removed by a doctor.

Several anti-rape crusaders in the country are said to be against the invention because of the perception that women are being made to adapt to rape, while some fears that inflicting pain on a rapist could be incite greater harm on women.

On the other hand, the inventor is adamant that desperate times call for desperate measures because South Africa has the world’s highest rate of sexual assault: a staggering 1.7m women are being raped each year. She believes the product, priced at 1Rand (12 U.S Cents), will be particularly useful for poorer black women who walk long distances to and from work.

“With state intervention frustratingly slow, Ehlers argues this ugly version of empowerment is justified. I don’t hate men; I have not got revenge in mind. All I am doing is giving women their power back.”

  1. laolu Reply

    I LOVE this invention

    • Medford Reply

      Great post with lots of iomprtant stuff.

  2. madrid Reply

    This is very right and correct to protect women from being raped by the sexual monsters roaming around.
    This invention is like a trap that catches illegal penis from trespass.Like a Rat caught by a trap so the illegal
    penis will be caught,and only a medical Doctor can set the penis free.So the pussy trap was invented to catch and arrest unwanted penis entry or crossing into unwanted territory.
    Beware now you sex monster.
    Madam you are not against men,i am a man and i like the invention for the safety of women all over the world.
    But i hope the monsters will not end up killing their victims,but any man with penis injury should be reported to the police by health officers……

  3. Cenachim Reply

    This is good but has a lot of disadvantages.
    1,the woman having it on,how comfortably would she walk.?
    2,what about those women who force men to sex them?
    3,what if a lady lures a lad to sex her while having it inserted on her virgina?
    4, a woman who wears it ,is at risk of death because a rapist who first saw it…will either use an object to thrust the lady’s virgina more harmful than prick itself and the lady can also be beaten to death.

    Preach against rapping to reduce but can’t be eradicated.

    • Youya Reply

      That’s very funny but hopefully of good help to ieitcmvsid or prospective rape-victims. But having little knowledge of female sexuality (*blush*) I am not sure if many women would like to adopt it. May be there’s some *safemode* version or some thing with the *device* that allows potentially harmless and desired persons to perform their acts. But it sure is hilarious. But as with all scientific or such inventions, the researcher or lab or scientist usually demonstrate their invention/product, so anything of the kind did happen too? Just asking out of curiosity, you know :$

  4. Kathy Reply

    Hey, that’s powerful. Thanks for the news.

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  6. Kim Detorez Reply

    I prefer my pink Glock. Remember ladies, try to aim low to the groin area !! Working to end the violence in South Florida !

  7. Kim Detorez Reply

    I prefer the model that injects rattle snake poison into the penis.

  8. John Edwards Reply

    I want some. Are they on the market yet?

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