Bizarre! Woman Develops Male Organ Five Months Into Pregnancy

BIZARRE! This is pathetic story of a woman who carried the burden of a male organ for close to three decades, but eventually found deliverance at the altar of God.

The sad story of Zuratu Mohammed, 48, from Auchi, Edo State-Nigeria, began when she married her itinerant husband, a policeman from Ondo State, against her father’s wish.

After the marriage, Zuratu did everything like every other woman. She conceived very early after, but her joy was short-lived as she developed a male organ right inside her bladder five months into her pregnancy.

From then, the center of her life caved in and she had to live a reclusive life, keeping the secret away from her husband, her family, inquisitive friends and curious neighbors.

At delivery, however, she could hide no more. Doctors and nurses discovered the strange and bewildering growth, but decided to close it up to avoid further complications.

Indeed, for Zaratu, the baby that should be a bundle of joy became a bundle of additional pains and burden to her sorrowful life.

‘Carrying the male organ was one problem and sleeping on a bed with it became another problem as any time I closed my eyes, I would urinate without control,’ she narrated with unshed tears.

Zaratu later decided to leave her matrimonial home. She became a perch on whoever was ready to give her favor.

At this crossroads, with nowhere to return to any more, she decided to go beg her disagreeing father, who insisted she must first return the unwanted baby to the father before she would be forgiven.

But God, unlike man, her problem ended at the Altar.

The Moment

  1. Sirajo usman koko Reply

    May god guide us 2 d ryt path

  2. Cristina Reply

    for Jesus nothing is impossivel

  3. leonardo Reply

    How could she notice something “inside her bladder”???
    And, why a “reclusive live” if noboby could be able to see inside her???
    There must be someting very wrong here.

  4. Mike Reply

    How on earth do you discover a “male organ” INSIDE your bladder?! How would doctors see it inside her bladder whilst giving birth, why would they open the bladder?! This to me sounds like she’s embarrassed at “urinating without control”

  5. Kay Reply

    Only thing i can think of is she had genital mutilation as a small child and during pregnancy the scar tissue opened up revealing the clitoris which had not been excised but covered with the wound. If she had no idea what a clitoris was she might think it was a male organ. Urination probably just the pressure from the uteris.

  6. Bailey Reply

    May Jesus watch over you while you piss the bed.

  7. Mrs Dallinger Reply

    I love my husband more than black cock.

  8. Mrs Dallinger Reply

    Some men might be glad of some new sexual organs to help keep their marriage alive.

  9. Bernd Reply

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