President Goodluck Jonathan’s 54th Birthday – Pictures

Nigerian President - Goodluck Jonathan, his wife Patience Jonathan, his mother - Madam Eunice, and his children.

Thanksgiving service with his wife and mother

Thanksgiving service with Rev. Obioma Onwuzurumba, the Chaplain of Aso Rock Villa Chapel

Jonathan and his wife Patience

Thanksgiving service

  1. alabi veronica Reply

    Congratulation Sir. we wish you a happy birthday long life and all the best in your tenure of your saty as our president.
    we also share the month with you. my was 22, while that of my sake was on the 25th of this same of double blessing.
    i have a set of twins whose names are Emele(Taye) and Goodluck (Kekinde) age 2.

    • Artim Reply

      maybe you should have read the post as it in fact noted the pboelrms that speaking to the foreign press before addressing Nigerians could create for Jonathan.Consequently, I think it might be unfair to suggest that there was no reaction on that point. But going further, equating this interview with Yar’Adua’s BBC interview (not sure which of the 2 main ones you are referring to) would be wrong.On the 2 occasions that Yar’Adua gave an interview to the BBC they were done during key moments in the history and stability of the nation. The first was given when he was running for President and was rushed to Germany in 2007. We all know how tense election time is in Nigeria and can recall how dire things seemed when it was widely reported that he was dead. He then miraculously popped up to give an audio interview to the BBC’s Hausa Service which broadcasts in Hausa and thus serves only a part of the Nigerian audience, in addition to being a foreign media outlet.His second audio ‘sighting’ was when again, Nigerians were worried about the state of the nation’s politics due to a sick President whose absence created a dangerous political vacuum and climate. Instead of speaking to the people via the many means afforded a President, be it audio or visual, this President again opted to speak to a segment of Nigerians via a foreign media outlet.Compare that to Jonathan who was abroad, in Washington DC and allowed a foreign journalist to come and interview him during a period that is not as tense as those that preceded Yar’Adua’s BBC interviews, the second of which was alleged to be a sham by a widely read and respected online publication. The only similarities between Jonathan and Yar’Adua on this matter are that they gave relevant information to the foreign press instead of discussing important matters with their constituents. But if one was to look further and take context into account, I find it hard to not see Yar’Adua’s actions as a slap in the face to Nigerians that should not be tolerated. Couple with that the fact that Yar’Adua met with religious leaders but not political leaders and particularly those who have been ‘elected’ into office. The disrespect is rife and thus far, Jonathan’s actions are yet to amount to such egregiousness. But if they ever do, I will be sure to call him out on it.Thanks for stopping by and I hope all is well with you and yours.

  2. Moses G esegi Reply

    I wish u sir many more fruithful years in d service 2 ur father’s land.i strongly believe dat d God who keep u during d numerious positions u held in d past is able 2 even keep u,protect u,an fight 4 u expecially now dat d country is having a security challages.

    • Salah Reply

      What’ve you done for me lately? That’s the tousqien Nigerians should be asking of any potential candidate for the presidency. Names like Duke (Cross River State), Fashola (Lagos State)spring to mind. Their slogans could easily be: Give me four years and I’ll make Nigeria like Calabar or Lagos. Nigerians want action, and a resume pointing to a tangible, visible, achievement won’t hurt. For Goodluck, make the lights stay on 24/7, there is affordable, plentiful gas (petrol), affordable, plentiful basic food stuff, reduction of crime, and clean streets. Good governance is the enemy of curruption. If these things are put in place within the year, then he should be a shoo-in. Agbada-wearing, thieving old style politicians like Babangida should be laughed off the stage. It was his ilk who ushered in the currupt, descrepit mindset that perneates the Nigerian society today. The tousqien today is not “if” a Nigerian politician will steal the country’s money, but “how much” he or she will steal. Sad. Unfortunately IBB stands a good chance of winning if he runs. Money talks. Unless Goodluck makes good on his word to immunize the election commisiion from curruption, nothing will change.

  3. M.G Esegi Reply

    We d ogbia we say alua! I celebrate with u on ur 54 birth day sir, i am alway proud of u any time any day dat an ogbia man could govern this country.To me it is a pride,i thank u 4 fuotuoke an d dualisation of d road net-work pls keep up.

  4. Seun fadoju Reply

    I wish you sir happy birthday long life and prosperity.

    • Ngamba Reply

      he wants to empower the eacessnry institutions versus the people in those institutions is a key ingredient for the success of democracy in Nigeria. Anyway, like you say, let’s wait and see.Thanks so much for staring the conversation.@ webround: nice to see you. With regard to your response about speaking to the media, note I said “speak[] to the Nigerian people”. I specifically termed the sentence that way partly because of the very valid concerns you raise. I do not believe that Jonathan needs to speak to Nigerians via local media, though that would of course be nice. The federal government has access to radio and television airwaves which could be used to give a short (or long) speech/talk about what main objectives he hopes to achieve.I simply believe that Nigerian leaders must start to speak to the people, instead of forcing Nigerians to get pertinent news about their country from the foreign press. Obviously, the local press needs to step up. Your example of the Punch headline is damning.Anyway, how are things? As I confessed, I was happy to see how well Jonathan did in the interview and of course happy to hear him express some of his goals for the administration. It is not easy being under the spotlight and I wish him the best of luck for Nigeria’s sake.

    • Mariana Reply

      Hi Solomonsydelle,The way you describe it, what Nigeria has is a Democracy in Form, not Substance. And no matetr what number of years pass by, it will never catch up for as long as the substance is restricted by the form.You are wishing for an Obama, a savior who inspires and innovates? Under the present set up, before he even gets to that point of being a contender, he would have already been tarnished and jaded in the process of getting there – by a system operated with unbridled corruption and oriented towards narrow self-interest.Carrington is not being very truthful. The political party bosses determine who should be their candidate, and work in the background throughout the primaries, influencing the party base whom to support. The elected President can exercise some independence in minor instances, but in reality, all critical decisions are referred to the National Security Council, the real governing body of America. Any President who deviates or defies is eliminated – either through assassination, or removal through resignation, or prevented from getting a second term. Look closely at their political history. The military/industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about is well placed and deeply entrenched. These are the makers of politicians and military men who supply the armaments, chemicals, medicines, food, and energy… globally, and who pursue their interests through American Foreign Policy that protects “American” (read: industrialists) interest under the guise of freedom and all the noble Democratic ideals.That’s why I fear for our idol, because if Obama wins and he reverts to his original direction, he may be assassinated.Going back to Nigeria, it is up to Nigerians to be militant to change their political, social, cultural and economic status so that an “Obama” can emerge stain free. It cannot be done by armchair patriots nor wishful thinking alone, but by involvement and participation. It cannot be done by one person, but by an entire nation who are determined to create a just and humane society. It cannot come overnight under a pleasant moon and joyful camaraderie, but by a tedious process that invokes and applies all that is noble and altruistic under a period of sacrifice.If and when the Nigerian “Obama” comes and succeeds in taking the reins of power, he has to be assisted and supported, even guided – by the same people and those that they have inculcated such values with – who paved the way for him to get there. He should know he owes the nation to serve them well.Nigerians have the intellect, the vision, and the desire to create such a nation under such a democracy. What Nigerians have to enhance is courage and bravery. Courage is an emotion, bravery its application. These go hand in hand.Parodying the line in the movie “Field of Dreams”… If you build it, he will come! 🙂 –Durano, done!

  5. wole oluyede Reply

    Mr president long life and prosperity is all dat matters.we share d same birthday date.I love u

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