Boko Haram Case – Ali Ndume Pleads Not Guilty

Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume, representing Borno South Senatorial district, who was alleged by the State Security Service as a financier of the Boko Haram sect, has pleaded not guilty to the breach of official trust by disclosing information to unauthorized persons and criminals.

Ndume was arraigned today at a Chief Magistrate Court at Zone 2, Abuja, where he pleaded not guilty. While his accuser Sanda Umar Konduga the alleged Boko Haram spokesman pleaded guilty to a two-count charge of criminal intimidation and anonymous calls. Konduga has been convicted and sentenced to a nine-year jail term. He had allegedly confessed to having, on the orders of the Senator, sent threatening messages to different individuals in the past.

The Joint Task Force reportedly arrested 13 suspects in connection to the attacks that held in Damaturu and Maiduguri, the Yobe and Borno State capitals.

  1. madrid Reply

    Finally Jonathan Goodluck and his security agents are working hard to keep Nigerians safe.Hausa Senator is a terror sponsor?What a shame and slap on the Hausa people,the Northern youths should do something.,
    while a true Federal system of government should be introduced.

    This useless hippopotamus looking ugly man called Aliyu Babaginda of Niger state, what is important to Nigerians is our basic amenities and not who rules in 2015.If Jonathan Goodluck cannot rule again then an Igbo man should take over.
    We Nigerians will nolonger be pulled back into the time of Prophet Mohammed,if the Hausa want only power then form your country.
    Nigerians will choose their leaders by example and achievement of the present Governors,…..The Governor of EDO state and Lagos state will be the next President and Vice President,weather you like it or not. shhikina

    • manchester Reply

      Madrid òlòrì bùrükü you be stupid mumu uptil know you are stil crazy you dont even know what is nigerian you open mud mouth and talking nonsense good wil punish you hopeles person dont said hausa again how many ethnic groups do we have? is it hausas alone that destruct this country think about your so-called niger/delta militant. where ever you are you wont suceed in lyf and even hereafter.

  2. madrid Reply

    manchester Allah destroy your your life,you son of a killer and BOKO HARAM member.Tell me where you are let the SSS pick you up.Are the new Boko Haram spokes man?You cattle rarer,you are pretending to be an Iyoruba man,even though you are in the far North,with cattles.God punish your mouth,go and tie bomb on your head and kill your self,you worst than senseless thing called Aboki zo mana.
    The Presidency of Nigeria will never go back to the terrorist,not even Vice President,you can go and bomb your mother for bring into this life to suffer as your life is worthless and you are a worthless husband married to a worthless woman.
    Weather you like it or not the next President of Southern Nigeria is His Excellency Fashola of Lagos state and the Vice President is Oshomole of Edo state.
    You have been expelled as an out cast which you are and will be for ever and ever,you should be ashamed of your self.You have sold your conscience for a female Cow to sex with and now from Yerima marring under age girls to Senator Ndume sponsoring terrorist group.
    I am from Delta and i thank God that i am not a rejected Hausa man like you.Go and die and bury your face in everlasting SHAME —-AMEN

  3. madrid Reply

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