The Truth About The Oil Minister’s 20 Million Euro Mansion In Vienna, Austria

Dear President Goodluck Jonathan and honorable minister, Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke, I am personally very happy about the urgency which this millions of euro mansion allegation in Vienna, Austria has been refuted and taken. Consequently I would want to inform you all, and fellow Nigerians that I went into action immediately after recovering from the shock of hearing that such amount of money had been invested in a foreign land in this manner in search of the truth.

With all sense of frankness and fairness I can unequivocally say that I have as a concerned and disturbed patriotic citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria living in Vienna, Austria gone deeply and investigated this saga. I used all the available means and otherwise to get to all the people and agencies that are very important in finding the truth. My curiosity and sincerity in digging out the fact nearly got me into trouble at different occasions. Therefore, I can beat my chest and say that there was no iota of truth in this accusation. Some school of thoughts may have it that I am just an ordinary individual whose investigations could be limited and could easily be rejected or punctured by law on technical ground. As a result, I am waiting for the final pronouncement of the official findings which I believe that it will not be different from the naked truth I have just said.

In consideration to this my honest private investigation on the bogus mansion and its result, honorable minister Madam, let your celebration start now because you are a conqueror for your God has given you another important victory to the shame of the devil and the evil ones. I did not find any mansion in Vienna, Austria in the name of Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke the honorable oil Minister Federal Republic of Nigeria. And I challenge anybody to prove me contrarily including “Heute” newspaper. Consequently I tender my unreserved apology for this misleading publication as someone who brought a translated version of the newspaper’s report to the Nigerian audience outside Vienna, Austria.

The record must be kept straight that ‘Heute’ newspaper dated 7.11.11 on page 11 carried the news that Nigeria’s oil minister had got a mansion in Vienna, Austria and some Nigerians living in Vienna have got a copy of that paper including the Nigerian Embassy whom I have also had contact with regarding this fairy tale in my candid opinion. My article was not ambiguous as I stated clearly that my reactions were based on the report of the newspaper and had also asked the oil minister to refute the allegation or resign from her position.
I am not a blackmailer, a politician, a contractor and evenly not looking for any favor from any individual or government in any form as to sell my conscience and integrity. I do not equally involve myself in dubious activities. I am just a patriotic concerned reliable citizen who also feels the pains of corruption by our political leaders in Nigeria. My actions are focused towards social change for the good of all Nigerians. This is what I am doing and will continue to do.

Austria is ranked as developed by experts, therefore, if one cannot make a reference to a newspaper report in a civilized country then all the judges all over the world that have admitted any newspaper in evidence and used it in any form should be castigated and such cases re-tried. And as long as this has not been done those bunches of miscreants who are nothing but ethnic village political champions should get this into their heads that the news did not emanate from me. Even though I am not afraid of death at all because when it will come you cannot do anything to change it since it is not within your power but in the hands of the creator, but all the abuses and threats on my person and family must stop. However, if it pleases God that their threats will become reality, it will also please my soul because they may not know that they have played the role Judas Iscariot played in Jesus Christ’s crucifixion by fulfilling part of my destiny to eternity where I will die no more and will see corruption, blackmailing and threat no more. If God so wishes may his name be glorified.

If a report from an Austrian licensed newspaper cannot be referred to as a source of information there would be no need for its existence just as we should equally not listen to BBC, CNN or NTA news etc. because it would be useless. If I should be scolded for making a reference to a newspaper report in a civilized country then we all are guilty of believing “The Times” in New York about the life of the US president Barrack Obama and his family in the White House because we have never been there and may never be. We should also not make a reference or believe Nigerian newspapers whenever they write anything about Aso Rock or President Goodluck Jonathan especially the regional newspapers until we as individuals go to Aso Rock and verify or see the president. If the reproach of some few individuals should be generally accepted then, we all are guilty to have believed newspaper reports about the former US president George Bush who is supposed to be in prison for his lies against late Saddam Hussein and genocide against Iraqi women and children because we were not in Iraq to see the war and count the number of women and children that were reported to have been killed by Bush’s arrogance in a supremacy show. For threatening a man who has done a patriotic job out of his own time, money and risk, we all should be jailed to have believed newspaper reports about the betrayal of Charles Taylor by African leaders who ate their words out of imperialism and complex and handed him over to their colonial masters against the peace accord reached in Monrovia, Liberia that led Charles Taylor to voluntarily relinquish his power as the president. Charles Taylor took asylum in Nigeria which was part of the treaty of his leaving power but it turned out to be a deceit and a gate way to his incarceration against the deal. Today Charles Taylor is standing trial in the same court that ceded Bakassi Peninsula against all glaring evidences and the feelings of Bakassi indigenes in Cross River state. You and I perhaps were not witnesses to all these historical events but yet we will quote, discuss and write as if it happened in our bedrooms because we believe in the media.

As accredited print media house its primary aim is to inform and people rely on it for information because it is duty bound to verify its news and filter it before bringing it to the audience. It was on this note of respecting ‘Heute’s’ ethic professionalism as a licensed media entity I wrote in my article that I trust the newspaper, and consciously aware of the gravity of the allegation it leveled against the honorably minister and the insult it heaped on Nigeria, one had expected it to at least be very sure of its report. You can go back and read that article again.

Therefore I think that I did a patriotic work by bringing a translated version of the already known news to the Nigerian audience and equally made a genuine patriotic call not only as a concerned Nigerian when I said that the oil minister must clear her name or honorably bow out from office but also as a Nigerian who is doing something in his own little way for the sought change we all are yearning for to take place. No Nigerian in Austria was happy after having read that insult from “Heute” newspaper but as usual most of them took the discussions to their sitting rooms, café bars and their clan meetings or to their small group of friends for sympathy.

We have our problems in Nigeria including corruption in high places there is no doubt about that but corruption is not peculiar to Nigeria alone. Therefore, ‘Heute’ must explain to Nigerians what gave them the impetus to disgrace our Honorable minister by portraying her as wicked and inconsiderate before the world without facts. Millions of Nigerians all over the world especially those living in Austria have been misled like me and humiliated in so many ways with this report and as a matter of fact need an explanation why their country should be so bruised sacrilegiously with the derogatory word “Hungerland.”

The big questions now are: How did “Heute” come up with this damaging allegation? Who is behind this and what is the motive? For your personal clarification I have provided ‘Heute’s’ contact and mail addresses including telephone numbers below.

Heute AHW Verlags GmbH
Heiligenstädter Lände 29/Top 6
1190 Wien

Fax: +4350950 ext. 12222 or ext. 12555
Phone: +4350950 ext. 12000

Mr. President Sir, this humiliation and insult was not only a damage to the honorable minister but also to Nigeria as an entity. Your morality as the commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Federal Republic of Nigeria who appointed Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke as a minister and your entire cabinets are equally not spared. Accordingly, genuine concerned Nigerians like me are expecting you to please restore our dignity and pride by encouraging and supporting speedy investigation and legal action against the newspaper and their agents because anything short of this to the knowledge of the public would be a colossal failure. In other words, please no diplomatic settlement outside the eyes of the public should be considered in any form otherwise the coffin of the damage would have been sealed.

Sir, the real foreheads of the “Terrible Goliaths” which you said that are ready to kill their fathers and mothers or even their children just to stop your government maybe about to be exposed for your anointed stone to strike like David in the bible. Get to the root of this matter because from every indication Sir, it could afford you the opportunity of unmasking some of these monsters in the name of “Goliaths” or their agents.

In retrospect to the brouhaha that trailed the re-appointment of the oil minister and the unwarranted uproar that is now associated with her including this FAKE mansion in Vienna, Austria it is now so obvious that some forces are after her. May God continue to protect her.

Fellow Nigerians, we all should not forget that north, east, west and south – home is home, for that reason, let us all in unison play our respective roles well to move Nigeria forward and do away with blackmailing and distractions in any form. We should not allow ourselves to be a willing tool in causing pains to others. We must criticize genuinely and constructively because objective criticism brings the best out in any reasonable government.

Kill that ethnic politicking in you and let us leave legacies for our children and not ill gotten billions in the bank from blackmailing and corruption. Nigeria must move forward.

Long live the federal Republic of Nigeria, long live President Goodluck Jonathan and long live the oil minister Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke.

Uzoma Ahamefule
A concerned patriotic citizen
Writes from Vienna, Austria
Klick here:
+436604659620 sms only

  1. aisha Reply

    Uzoma!who are u trying to fool?ur self?theree is no way dat story could hav been a lie,so mind urself and stop defending lies.who r u to make investigations?allow d right authorities to do dat plssss,shame on u for being such a caward!

    • Mayuri Reply

      From the little I know, I’d say its a tie ewebten ‘The Average Nigerian’ for putting up with the politics of corruption for all these years & ‘Ribadu’ for taking, what seems to be very bold, actions to curb corruption.

  2. nkem Reply

    you are a liar and a thief…it is very true she owns a house in vienna.

    • Nishu Reply

      Sounds like you need a muti for Nigeria! Just ask and you shall rievcee

  3. koko Reply

    bonsoir tantie comment ca va

  4. Dwalim Reply

    A guy stumbled upon a news material concerning a politcal office holder in Nigeria then later worte to confess that he may have got it wrong yet many nigerians are here swearing and cursing him even briging God’s name into it……are we really a mentally poor nation that have these brood of people who cant reason jhere they write good english indicating some level of education……….what is wrong with all these ethnic idiots across Nigera……a new

  5. sylvanus essiet Reply

    Uzoma Ahamefule, your defense case for the honorable or should i say dishonorable minister is so porous that if you were my my defense lawyer i would fire you squarely. your line of defense lacks so much merit the first being that why would a newspaper want to get into trouble when it could just say that this is an unconfirmed report, even CNN gives reports and then states clearly that this news is from an unverifiable source. secondly, why has your clients the minister herself not made any attempt to refute or press for legal actions against this newspaper that you have finished investigating or is it that she has not heard these allegations?. uzoma i think you should rest your case it convinces us of nothing even your minister does not care that this paper has insulted a country she serves over a matter that concerns her..

  6. andy des Reply

    sylvanus essiet im not suprised at ur comment this is bcos Nigerians like you believe in rumours that even when u see d truth u will want to find an excuse for not believing it. Can u honestly tell me and the ppl reading this that you have at any one time tried to confirm any story or storie uve read in our dailies like our friend here did. especially d ones tha gives us conflicting figures on unfortunate accidental deaths on our roads, collapsed buildings, fire incidents or even electoral figures, as we know that different newspapers will give us different conflicting figures on same incident. pls i look forward to ur response and proofs of such investigations. these are cheap ones i know u cannot dodge but u may have others diffrent from any of the above thanks

  7. mb ukot Reply

    U people should leave this woman alone to enjoy her money, if u people had the same oppurtunity to be in her position, u will do the same. You guys should mind ur business, and stop being a hater,work hard and look for ur own money. (+2348063815875) ( mb ukot, on facebook.

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