Uganda: Opposition Leader In US For Medical Help

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change leader Kizza Besigye is in the US to seek medical help following days of reported ill health, a senior party official has confirmed.

This is the second time since April Dr Besigye had flown to the US on medical grounds. The first visit came after he was pepper-sprayed to near blindness by police officers at the height of the ‘walk-to-work’ demonstration.

FDC Vice-President Salaam Musumba told Uganda’s Daily Monitor that Dr Besigye had been uncomfortable for the past few days, following his visit to the UK, and complained about a niggling “allergic reaction” that passes on as flu, a condition that “really puts him down”.

“When I tell people that his biggest problem is flu, they don’t take it seriously, but he has not been improving,” she said.

“Well, he said he wanted to go back to America and see whether this problem is related to the poisonous chemicals he was sprayed with in April.”

She dismissed reports that Dr Besigye was airlifted in critical condition and said he travelled “on his own”.

Dr Besigye is understood to have flown out Sunday night to New York City where his wife, Ms Winnie Byanyima and son Anselm, live.

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