Sierra Leone City To Subject Schoolgirls To Virginity Tests

Sierra Leone’s second city, Bo, has come up with an unusual scholarship scheme that rewards girls who maintain their virginity up to level 3 of senior secondary school.

Bo City Council chairman Matthew Margao the beneficiaries will win sponsorship up to tertiary and university levels.

“The aim is to ensure that at least 80 per cent of school going girls keep their virginity until they finish their educational life,” said the Council chairman.

The Bo District Council Chairman, Mattew Margao, said his council is putting in place a scholarship scheme for girls who maintain their virginity up to level 3 of the Senior Secondary School to get sponsorship up to tertiary or university levels.

High pregnancy rates

However, Mr Margao’s plan has drawn sharp criticism for its proposal to hire the services of medical experts to carry out virginity tests on the would-be beneficiaries.

Women rights groups have denounced the proposal as a violation of the rights of the girls.

However, the Bo City Council is determined to press ahead. Mr Margao argues that the plan would not only eradicate teenage pregnancies in the region, but that it would also increase the number of educated females in the country.

“If we succeed, I am sure other countries will follow our example,” he mused.


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