Uganda: Government To Dedicate Oil Well For Power Generation

President Museveni has said government will dedicate one of its oil wells for electricity generation. While officiating at the Investor’s Roundtable at Munyonyo on yesterday, Mr Museveni said projects such as Bujagali Hydro-electric Dam and other smaller ones would soon be brought on board for the same purpose.

His announcement comes on the back of public agitation about the floundering electricity supply in the country that is currently on a 24-hour load-shedding schedule.
Mr Museveni also said oil revenue would be used to revamp major communications networks, especially roads and railway constructions, across the country to link Uganda and its neighbors; South Sudan, the DR Congo, Rwanda and Kenya.
“We are negotiating with a Chinese firm and the government of Tanzania to build a railway linking Uganda and Tanzania,” he added.

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, at the same meeting, announced the country would be able to produce aviation fuel by 2017. Mr Museveni, meanwhile, took time to criticize the opposition, saying: “We will strengthen legislation to prevent lawlessness. Politicians who are economic obstacles will be dealt with.”

The President said government was planning to build technical schools in every constituency to bridge the gap between unskilled and skilled labor.


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