44 Nigerians Died In Saudi Arabia During Hajj

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON, on Thursday confirmed that 44 Nigeria pilgrims died in Saudi Arabia during the hajj.

Alhaji Yusuf Ibrahim, the National Commissioner in-charge of Policy, Personnel Management and Finance at NAHCON confirmed the deaths

“I can confirm to you that the number of deaths of Nigeria pilgrims as at today Dec. 1 is 44,’’ he said.

Though, he was silent on the cause of the deaths, the gender of the deceased as well as the states of the pilgrims, he said the details would be unfolded after all the pilgrims have returned.

On the deadline of Dec. 15 by the Saudi Arabian authorities for all pilgrims to be transported back to their countries, Ibrahim said NAHCON would beat the deadline by the “grace of Allah’’.

“The deadline given by the Saudi Authority is Dec. 15 and by Dec. 7, the last batch of Nigeria pilgrims will be at home Insha Allah’’, he said.

The national commissioner said as at Thursday, the Commission had transported 69,693 pilgrims back home in 141 flight operations since the commencement on Nov. 11.

He said to beat the deadline set by the Saudi government, six to eight flights would be transporting pilgrims back home on daily basis.

Ibrahim assured all Nigerians, whose relatives were still in the Holy Land not to panic, as they would all be transported back home safely.


  1. Olga Reply

    Sounds aiznmag! May your hajj be accepted iA and let the rest of the Muslims who haven’t been get the opportunity to go

    • Minaj Reply

      Assalau Alaikum,Dear Dr Bari,Thank you for sharing your eilfeng and experiences of 2nd Hajj with us. It made me more eager too. You are absolutely right in your saying: Once someone is in the holy land in the midst of a sea of human beings of different colour, culture and language, you feel spiritually and emotionally upbeat and overwhelmed – no matter what your background is or where you come from, whether you are a man or woman, young or old, black or white. But the question is how can someone can keep up such spirit for a longer time?

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