Lybia: African Migrants Suffer After Gaddafi’s Fall

Thousands of black African migrants living in Libya have been forced to leave the country by this year’s war. Their exodus has had a big economic impact on their families.

Since he returned home from Libya, Moussa Gaye, 27, has been waiting.

It has been more than seven months now, and he still wanders around the poor suburb of Pikine, on the outskirts of Dakar looking for a job.

He expects the Senegalese government to help him find work or to allow him finish his studies.

He went to Libya in 2007 when he was offered a grant by Col Muammar Gaddafi’s administration to study Arabic in Tripoli.

Everything was paid for – tuition fees, food, accommodation. Even his flight ticket from Dakar.

“I thought Libya was the ideal country,” Mr Gaye says.

“I was told I could study and find a job there; and here it’s too difficult”.

He teaches Arabic twice a week at his grandfather’s school.

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