Zimbabwe: Mugabe ‘Too Old’ To Run – Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has said he is delighted Zanu PF will endorse long-time rival, President Robert Mugabe for a fresh electoral showdown, possibly early next year.

Speaking ahead of a the national conference beginning in Bulawayo Wednesday, Zanu PF officials confirmed Mugabe would lead party in the new elections.

“We are going to reaffirm the position of our last congress in Mutare where President Mugabe was confirmed as the party’s sole candidate in any election between the last congress and the next,” national commissar, Webster Shamu Shamu said.

“The provinces have since affirmed that position at their respective inter-district meetings and we intend to focus our debate on other pressing matters such as indigenisation.”
Tsvangirai told supporters at a weekend rally that the development meant the elections would be “walk-over” for him.

“I would like to thank Zanu PF for endorsing Mugabe to run for the next elections. He can’t contest me that one, he is too old, and I am going to have a walk over in those elections,” the MDC-T leader said.
“Let’s give the old man a retirement package by voting him out.”

Mugabe, 87 this year, has travelled to the Far East several times this year, prompting frenzied speculation that old age and ill-health were taking their toll on him.
But the veteran leader – who has led the country since independence in 1980 – insists he is fit.

Meanwhile, Tsvangirai, who has been at the centre of a media storm, after ducking out of a prospective marriage to a girlfriend believed to be carrying their twins said political debate should rise above personal issues.

“Let’s have politics of issues; people should tell who is a good leader. It doesn’t help to continue talking about me personally,” he said.
“Everyday, Tsvangirai this, Tsvangirai that! You cannot win votes by talking about some people’s personalities.”

Source: New Zimbabwe

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