Video: Nigerian Gays Protest In New York

In this short video, seven Nigerian gay members and their allies in New York, protested the passage of a bill by the Nigerian Senate banning same-sex marriage.

They gathered in front of the Nigeria House to express their displeasure over the bill which will not become law until its passage by the House of Representatives and assented by President Goodluck Jonathan.

If it becomes law as passed by the senate, offenders will get up to 14-year jail sentence. One of the organisers of the event, Ifeanyi Orazulike, presented a petition with 57,000 signatures to the Nigerian Consulate. The petition addressed to the President reads:

  1. prince Reply

    well depending the reason behind their protesr,it can bee look into for factfinding from this gays.the can take it easy to settle the matter.thanks

  2. prince Reply

    if Nigeria gays protest for their right is OK but at side their right most have a reason.thanks

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