Nigeria: Online Group Challenges Jonathan On ASUU, Oil Subsidy – Saharareporters

Nigeria President, Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, has been challenged to put all modalities in place to commence the implementation of all agreements reached with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), particularly the ones reached at the inception of this administration.
President Jonathan was also charged to put on hold any intention to remove subsidies on petroleum products until his government brings to justice those responsible for the criminal sabotage of the oil and gas sector, with all three refineries unable to function optimally.

The decisions were announced this weekend at the end of an online gathering and debate of members of the Sovereign Nigeria Group (SNG) on issues bordering on Nigeria as a nation and how to take her out of the woods. Past and present members of the National Assembly and the state Houses of Assembly, and Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora, participated in the event.

In a communiqué signed by one the SNG’s administrators, Barrister Silas Buowe, the group observed as follows: “That Nigeria as a nation have not made any impact to stand out in the comity of nations in any sphere of national life that could be a source of pride to Nigerians despite the enormous resources at the disposal of successive governments. That Nigeria government especially after the collapse of the first republic has consistently exploited the citizenry who are not only voiceless but also helpless. That the forum also reviewed the issues and the crimes of the Arab governments against their citizens which midwife the Arab spring side by side with the crimes of successive Nigerian governments against the people and found that the atrocities of those regimes in the Arab World are minor to say the least compared to Nigeria.”

With specific reference to the controversial issue of petroleum subsidies, the group expressed the view that the problem “is not with subsidy itself but with the mismanagement of same and lack of will on the part of the present administration to bring to justice those the government itself already fingered in fuel subsidy racket.”

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