Air Zimbabwe Plane Impounded In London

A US firm on Monday seized an Air Zimbabwe plane at London’s Gatwick International Airport over a $1.2 million debt.

American General Supplies (AGS) seized the Boeing 767-200 plane when it landed enroute from Harare.

The incident came barely a week after a South African company impounded another Air Zimbabwe plane over an outstanding debt of $500,0000.

Bid Air demanded the outstanding money for ground handling services at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg before releasing the Boeing 737-500 plane.

Air Zimbabwe chief executive officer Mr Innocent Mavhunga said they were negotiating with AGS to release the plane.

“The debt has been outstanding for sometime and the plane has been impounded after we failed to meet the deadline of November 30 to settle to meet,” he told the state owned Herald newspaper.

He said the government, which is the major shareholder had indicated that it had no money to settle the ailing airline’s mounting debts.

“The plane is supposed to depart London today (Tuesday) evening at around 8:30 and we are hopeful that if our negotiations succeed, we will have the plane back,” Mr Mavhunga said.

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  1. Onoriode Reply

    SSD- this was an amazing aessssment of the situation at hand. Nigeria bashing is more rampant than the occasional snide remark about our business practices and behaviors in foreign countries. Just the other day, I watched a youtube video of a documentary about Tanzanian albinicide – the ritual killing of albinos. Some so-called expert claimed the the practice originated from Nigeria and then went on to provide a clip of some random Nollywood flick that featured Ozokwor petitioning a dibia to kill one of her sworn enemies….it was ridiculous, the comments thereafter even moreso. It seems like anything wrong that happens in Africa can be easily pinned to Nigeria. I think one of the most important points you brought up is the failure of the re-branders to harness other sectors of Nigerian media. From your previous re-branding post, there was a list of those on the committee which included those in Nollywood….I am surprised Akunyili and co have not yet found innovative ways to generate their support. This is not terribly new (for example, public health messages have been subtly integrated into Nollywood flicks in the past).One thing i have learned from this latest slate of Naija bashing is that re-branding is indeed needed….as you alluded to with the SA riots. Key to any branding effort is to focus on the experience of the product. Yes, infrastructure changes and corruption cannot be tackled by Akunyili and shouldn’t. Besides, it takes time to address some issues. However, in the meantime, Akunyili should be playing offense, rather than defensive measures such as her latest request for an apology. Offense meaning, showcasing the good Nigeria has to offer (highlighting foreign businesses that currently work in Nigeria, positive experiences from visitors and tourists etc.)will stop here, for this “short” comment could get longer.

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