Nigeria Launches Satellite In China

China launched a new Nigerian communications satellite on Monday in Xichang. The launch – adding to China’s record year – took place at 16:41 UTC.

To further extend the operation and marketing of NigComSat-1R, Ku Kashi Beam was added to NigComSat-1R. The Satellite will supply the communications between Nigeria and China. Moreover, the utilization of satellite capacity will be enhanced without additional extra cost.

President Goodluck Jonathan has hailed the successful launch of the new satellite as another great step forward for the country towards the development of a modern, knowledge- driven society.

He said that the new satellite, which was paid for by the insurance policy on NigComSat-1 which de-orbited in 2009, would have a positive impact on national development in various sectors such as communications, internet services, health, agriculture, environmental protection and national security.

In his words, “It will enhance our communications system as well as facilitate cheaper access to the internet, with a view to bridging the existing digital divide between our urban and predominantly rural communities and, thereby, bringing the government nearer to the grass roots.”

The president added that the NigComSat-1R would also help in the development of indigenous competence in the management of satellites and related technologies in Nigeria.

He said that the new satellite would substantially reduce the annual expenditure of over $1 billion arising from the use of foreign bandwidth for GSM communications, cable television, e-commerce and e-government by both public and private users in the country.

NigComSat-1R paves the way for the international marketing development of China Aerospace and further confirms the friendship between Nigerian and China.

  1. Maaru Reply

    . . . I’m very deeply veiegrd! Nigeria is far too blessed a country for its people to resort to these humiliating alternatives to power.Its good to know that we’re creative, but frankly, this attribute should be channeled to less mediocre projects.Everybody should get thinking –especially our electrical engineering grads and undergrads. Sometimes. . . I wonder what people are being taught in school

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Wow,this is great Nigeria is a huge and blessed country

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