Woman Gives Birth To Quintuplets

A woman has given birth to five babies at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital in Nigeria. Before the delivery, the woman was a mother of one, and she is married to a lawyer.

The woman, named Mrs Olayemi Shofunlayo was on bed rest for seven of the nine months that she carried the pregnancy.

Born last weekend, three of the quintuplets – two boys and three girls – weighed 3.30lbs, 3.41lbs and 3.74lbs. The others weighed 3.96lbs. All five are said to be very stable in the neo-natal unit of the hospital. Their mother has been transferred to the ward.

During the pregnancy, the scan had picked only four of the babies. The doctors were shocked to find the fifth during the caesarean operation. Because the babies were tiny they had to be delivered by caesarean operation, to make sure they were delivered healthily.

According to Prof Godwin Ajayi, a consultant in the department of Obstetric and Gynaecology, who led the medical team that took the delivery, there was something remaining which he thought was a fibroid. But, it turned out to be another baby.

Recounting her experience, Mrs Shofunlayo said: “I thought they were four. But they turned out to be five. After a CS, which lasted about 25 minutes, I found out they were five. I was sedated; so, I didn’t know what was happening. I thank God for the bundles of joy.”

Mr Shofunlayo, when asked if he would seek assistance from the government said, “I do not have the intention of seeking public assistance, but if by this publication, they feel like helping then it will be appreciated. I do not like going to people and being turned down.

“For about seven months my wife was admitted at the LUTH for bed rest and I was able to pay. Even as lawyers, we do not advertise or show off; people we have helped usually tell others and that is how we live.”

Medically, in such cases, the mother’s health may be jeopardized during pregnancy. All the five children depend on her for minerals and other nutrients. The mother may run short of blood and experience a condition called anemia. However, during pregnancy they are provided with Ferrous Folic Acid, which contains iron and more minerals to meet the needs of all the babies. After birth, the mother may also experience a shortage of milk, but the more she breast feeds, the more she would be able to produce more milk.

The quintuplets took the hospital by surprise and made the greatest history ever. Everybody is elated by the experience. The fact that the hospital personnel managed to deliver the quintuplets safely, proves their capabilities as a hospital.

  1. Atuke Gabriel Reply

    Thank God. May God grant the parent good health n strength to take good care of the children.

  2. David Reply

    God is great….

  3. Mr Allen from kogi state Reply

    I thank God for the life of the mother and appeal to the federal govt. To pls come to their aid in support bless God for u.

  4. Soladaniel Reply

    Same comment with Mr Allen from kogi state’s comment

  5. phweng Reply

    God is forever GREAT! May God who blessed the shofunlayo’s also provide for them abundantly and touch the hearts of Kind Nigerians to come to Financially or Material assistance. Nigerians are good Samaritans and will not disaapoint. Thank God for the Nigerian Quintuplets!

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