Zimbabwe: Mugabe Holidaying In Asia

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe is away in Asia for his annual holiday which is expected to last until the end of next month.

In a statement, Mugabe’s spokesman, George Charamba, said the Zanu PF leader will spend part of his annual leave in the Far East with his family.
Vice President Joyce Mujuru will be acting President in his absence.

Mugabe now spends his annual leave in Asia after being banned from travelling to Europe over allegations of electoral fraud and human rights abuses.

The Zimbabwean leader, who turned 87 this year, has travelled to the region several times this year, reportedly for medical reasons.

According to a diplomatic cable from 2008 released by WikiLeaks, Mugabe is believed to battling advanced cancer.

Reports say he regularly visits Singapore for “rejuvenation treatments.”

But Mugabe and his aides dismiss the speculation insisting he is fit.
The veteran leader is due to face long-term rival and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in elections expected early next year.

Mugabe has demanded fresh polls to replace the coalition government but Tsvangirai insist reforms must be implemented first to ensure the election outcome is not disputed.

Source: New Zimbabwe

  1. Mrs Dallinger Reply

    My husband accidentally gave me a black eye, broken collar bone and severely bruised ribs one Christmas day, but the good lord can see that he is not a bad man at heart, even he’s not banned from traveling to Europe though 😉

  2. Mrs Dallinger Reply

    Maybe Mr Mugabe is having monkey bollocks injected into his cancerous face, a bit.

  3. Mrs Columba Thittlewattle Reply

    He should have his head cryogenically frozen in a bag of peas.

  4. Mrs W Enchilada Reply

    I’d like to offer Mrs Dallinger a voucher for some revuvenation treatment in singapore. I can honestly say that I’ve been using them for the past 450 years and I look 14 still. It can sometimes be a bit of an effort leaving through customs though but I have found that tagging along with middle aged balding men from birmingham oftem throws the authorities.

  5. Clothilde Minger (Mrs) Reply

    I would love to have bollock contents spread all over my face if it made me look younger and President Mugabe looks soo much younger than his age!

    mr Minger said much the same thing many years ago when we visited Thailand. He is now having an extended stay in the Bankok Hilton – no Hilton Points though apparenrly its not part of the main chain!

  6. Cameron N. H. S. Privatisation-Smythe Reply

    Has he tried contracting out his cancerous lump care to the lowest bidder at all?

  7. Flotilla D. Unknoodle Reply

    It might be nice to see the leaders of Zimbabwe and North Korea forming a close relationship.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    I still can’t believe it’s not butter.

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