3,500 Migrants Head For Libya

An estimated 3,500 West African migrants have arrived in Libya over the last three weeks apparently in search of jobs, the UN said on Monday.

But many of the candidates admit that the objective was to head for “greener pastures” ostensibly in Europe.

Before the Libyan crisis early this year, the North African country had served as one of the main conduits for sub-Saharan migrants heading clandestinely to Europe.

Several thousands of them were intercepted and repatriated to their countries of origin, but thousand succeeded in the endeavour while scored drowned when their makeshift boats capsized.

In an Interview with Radio France International on Monday, most of the migrants were from French-speaking countries especially neighbouring Niger, Mali and Cote d’Ivoire.

Many of the migrants explained that they had once lived in Libya and returned home with the advent of the crisis that led to the killing of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in October.

They explained that they had no fear of returning to Libya since they had no obnoxious objectives besides seeking jobs.

Reports said several trucks loaded with the migrants were waiting at the border between Niger and Libya to complete immigration procedures before entering.

Some of migrants explained that they had travelled for two weeks to get to the Libyan border and had spent a fortune bribing police and immigration officials along the route.

They acquiesced that this period (cooler) of the year was the best to undertake the journey to Libya most of which entails driving hundreds of kilometers through the Sahara desert.

Radio France International said some of the migrants were being driven to the Libyan border in four-wheel drive jeeps stolen from Libyan during the crisis.

Millions of youths from the West African region are expected to head for the north African country where scores lost their lives when they attempted to fight along the pro-Gaddafi forces.

Thousands were successfully repatriated after they were arrested and later released by the new Libyan authorities through the auspices of the Organization of International Migration.

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    That’s really very tnnerestiig about Iran and Israel being on the same side against Qaddafi. But not really surprising given that the Iranian Revolution was a Also not surprising given Iranian complicity in the drug trade from Afghanistan into Turkey and thence Europe. is a typical PressTV story in the run-up to the NATO destruction of Libya.I increasingly don’t trust Ahmadinejad or the ayatollahs. The antics in front of the UN appear very much staged as an elaborate false opposition. Not to mention their ludicrous naval patrols off the US coast.He calls the 911 attacks “mysterious”. Big deal. Does he name names?Every intel agency on the face of the planet knows which Zionist Upper East Side plutocrats and thinktank gophers are behind the attacks. Even the intelligence agencies of Kiribati and Tuvalu, no doubt.The more I see what vipers Qaddafi is up against, the more respect I have for the man.

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