China Tests 500 Kmph-Speed Train

China has test-run its latest high-speed train that can reach a maximum speed of 500 kmph.

The train is built by China’s largest rail maker CSR Corp. Ltd., Xinhua reported Monday.

Ding Sansan, the company’s chief technician, said the train design was inspired by China’s ancient sword.

The bodywork uses plastic materials reinforced with carbon fiber.

It “will provide useful reference for current high-speed railway operations,” it quoted train expert Shen Zhiyun as saying.

But future Chinese trains will not necessarily run at such high speeds, CSR chairman Zhao Xiaogang told the Beijing Morning News.

“We aim to ensure the safety of trains operation,” he said.

China’s railway industry has had a tough year, highlighted by a collision between two high-speed trains in July which killed at least 40 people.

Construction of new high-speed trains in China has since been a near halt.

In February, the railways minister, Liu Zhijun, a key figure behind the boom in the sector, was dismissed over corruption charges that have not yet been tried in court.

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