Ghana: President Challenged To Justify Nickname As “King Of Peace”

The Bishop of the Koforidua Diocese of the Methodist Church, Rt. Rev. Fredrich Nnuroh, has appealed to President John Atta Mills to justify his nickname as “King of Peace” by ensuring that Ghanaians experience a peaceful election next year.

He criticized people who are always attacking the President and reminded them that as the first gentleman of the country, any attack on the President is an attack on the country.

Rt. Rev. Nnuroh was preaching at the Koforidua Wesley Cathedral on Christmas Day.

He called on all political leaders to have respect for the leaders of other political parties and urged them to discipline any of their supporters who use abusive language to address their political opponents.

Rt. Rev. Nnuroh called on the people of Ghana to work towards peace and pray for peaceful elections next year and avoid any utterances that would promote rancour.

The Eastern Regional Minister, Dr Kwasi Akyem Apea-Kubi, said the year had been with many challenges and urged the people to help find solutions to the challenges.

He appealed to parents in the region to encourage their children to learn to reverse the poor results of the Basic Education Certificate Examination in the region.

Dr Apea-Kubi urged the people to register in their numbers when the voters register is opened and advised them against double registration.


  1. Mrs Dallinger Reply

    Well I for one am all for this, it’s beautiful to see a man of the lord becoming better known that X Factor contestants in our beloved Ghana, I’m sure he’s still a lovely man despite the whole demonising and brutally punishing gays thing.

    Gays in the United Kingdom have been allowed to live in freedom since the Blair insurgency of 1997.

  2. Loampit Optique Reply

    His red tie really matches his eyes.

  3. Mrs W Enchilada Reply

    I did have nothing but praise for him when I at first mistakenly read the article as “King of the Ringpiece” however upon closer visual interrogation of the text I discover he’s nothing of the sort.

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